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What to Wear on a Cruise Ship?

One of the most common problems of cruisers on a cruise ship is certainly how to figure out what to wear during a seven-day holiday. Deciding how to dress on a cruise is not a difficult task. But we surely need to prepare for the life on board and for the various events that are held on a ship. I did some cruises and maybe I can offer you some helpful advice on how to dress on a cruise.

A cruise is made up of many unforgettable events that require a different clothing depending on the activity and the event of your choice. Cruises are huge floating hotels where you can perform a real holiday on board made up of pools, sports activities, beauty & spas, restaurants, discos, excursions and much more and you need to understand that you need appropriate clothing for each activity.

How should I dress on a cruise?

To find out how to dress on a cruise you should be aware of before the various stages of a typical day. So, knowing this information, you can prepare your suitcase with the right clothes suitable for any time of day and for any occasion. Possible occasions are stars from sightseeing at ports that require a comfortable clothing up and continues up to galas that require a more suitable attire for the evening.

How to dress on a cruise during a Gala?

In a cruise of 7 days, there are at least 3 gala evenings. At the first evening, there is a presentation of all the staff of the ship, the second one offers an important event such as a performance and final one offers the major show. All the modern cruise ships are offering international animation staff who will help you with an ad hoc program to know the places and the information you need to participate in the evenings. Then there are at least three galas, they require appropriate clothing for the evening. Forget not only shorts and flip flops but also jeans and sneakers.

Him: Dark suit (black, blue, gray) with or without tie just to be stylish. In old times, when cruises were not as affordable as today, men used to wear a tuxedo. Avoid jeans, sneakers, flashy colors too. Wear shoes that match the dress you wear.

She: Elegant evening dress in dark color, but also per your taste. A long dress or cocktail dress. Avoid jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers.

You will find people on the ship who will not follow this dress code because of the fact that either they are not informed or they are not really want to follow this dress code. In fact, there is no obligation to get dressed accordingly but the spirit of life on board will surely change your mind. Salons, where the glitz and luxury are the focus, can also be very exciting and a great opportunity to get a good photo.

How to dress when you leave at excursion?

On a seven-day cruise, there are at least 6 stages, 6 ports where you can get off and go hiking. The ideal clothing for hiking is the one that feels you as comfortable as possible. It also depends on the type of trip you are going to do. For example, if you go Athens in the middle of the summer put on shorts, take a hat to protect yourself from the sun, get comfortable shoes, prepare a backpack with water bottle and basic necessities. If you are at a port in Northern Europe bring a sweatshirt or a sweater for obvious reasons.

Tai chi class on Heritage Line - Violet, Halong Bay, Vietnam

Tai chi class on Heritage Line – Violet Cruises, Halong Bay, Vietnam

How to dress on board?

Life on board is very hectic and full of events and entertainment. ın almost all cruise ships there is air conditioning in closed areas! You will be subject to numerous variations. Let me give you an example to better explain the situation: let’s assume that you are in the pool during the day and you are laying on one of the sunbeds available on the ship, then, for any need, you must go into one of the lounges on the ship. Cover yourself because you will pass in the cold portion of the ship from the heat of the Sun and pool. Then you should be well covered to prevent illnesses.

How to dress on restaurants:

On cruise ships, there exist both the buffet restaurants and a la carte in various salons. At the beginning of the cruise, you will be assigned a restaurant where you can eat your lunches and dinners or, alternatively, you could always opt for an outdoor restaurant and buffet located near the pool area. If you choose to eat at the buffet, we say that the clothing is very loose, you can dress as you like.

Buffet Restaurant:

Clothing, especially if the restaurant is located near the pool areas is quite free. Of course, avoid standing with only swim suits. Cover up for her, shirt, polo shirt for him will be suitable.

The restaurant in the evening:

The evening is the time where things changes. After reading the ship program (a sheet that is placed on the bed every night) you must dressed according to evening. Forget shorts and thongs, swimwear, cover-ups, and swimwear.

How do I know how should I dress?

To know how you should dress at night, you can just see the ship program that tells you all the activities which take place on board. A cabinista will bring you a copy of the program on every evening for future reference and you can select the activities and clothing best suited to those events happening on the ship. The “outfits” recommended are divided into: informal, casual and gala on the program are well highlighted. The dress code is valid from 18.00 onwards and then only for the evening hours which gives you enough time to wear appropriate dressing and not to make a mistake ever.


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