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The 8 most important traditional celebrations in Vietnam

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Every year, there are several celebrations in Vietnam. This post introduces some unique features of this nation. The following are the eight most prominent traditional festivals in Vietnam.

Most important traditional celebrations in Vietnam

Most important traditional celebrations in Vietnam

New Year Festival (Tet Nguyen Dan)

Vietnamese Lunar New Year is one of the most important traditional celebrations in Vietnam

One year, the Vietnamese have more holidays, Tet. But Tet Nguyen Dan (on the first of a lunar month) is the largest so on Tet Ca. This is the end of crops, all spare time relaxing fun, visit each other … and is also assigned at the time of the winter end-spring coming.

According to traditional customs in Vietnam, Tet Nguyen Dan is the first of the family. On the afternoon of the 30 days Tet, every home is made to kowtow family ancestors and family spirit, express feelings drinking water, remember the source. In the 3 days of Tet have 3 large meetings at home. The first is the “meeting” of the family spirit: First Art professors or professors – are the first vocational family are doing. Soil, – the land where the gods hold in their military and Kitchen god – as the spirit of the people cooking in the home.

Vietnamese New Year is the most important traditional celebrations in Vietnam

Celebrating Tet, The Vietnamese New Year

Second is the “meeting” ancestors, grandparents … of the dead. People’s perception guide the dead soul is about the children on the occasion of Tet.

Third meeting of the people in the house. As a habit most sacred and sustainable, each year to Tet, though is where do … nearly everyone want and try to return to reunite with family.

New Year Opening of Summer (Tết Khai Hạ)

According to the calculation of the past, on the first day of January response to chickens and second day – dogs, third day- pigs, 4th – goats, 5th – buffalo, 6th- horses, 7th – people, 8th – rice. 8 days early every day brighter is regarded as belonging to the same day he was good all year. Therefore, on the 7th, It’s an identity that is believed the drain of people will have good luck and happiness.

The 7th ending Tet Nguyen Dan is also lower at the start of New Year Opening summer – opening on New Year happy to welcome the new spring.

Festival of January Lunar Calendar 15 (Tết Thượng Nguyên)

Tet Thuong Nguyen (Tết Nguyên Tiêu) on 15 January of the lunar calendar on the first full moon of the year. Tet is celebrated in most temples because this day is related to Buddha. Idioms: “Buddha’s year-round with no equal 15th of January “comes from there. After passing the temple, people go home, worship ancestors,s and eat on the anniversary.

Third Lunar Month’s Third Day’s Festival (Hàn Thực Festival)

“Han Thuc” means cool food. This New Year, on the 3rd of March (lunar calendar). History began in China. From the Ly dynasty (1010 – 1225) we have more people enter this New Year and often do floating cake and glutinous rice dumplings filled with green bean paste in syrup to replace for cool food.

Thanh Minh Festival

“Thanh Minh in March

Ceremony clean and decorate the ancestral graves, Festival visit one’s relatives graves in spring”

(Kieu story)

“Thanh Minh” means pure of sun. It is usually in March lunar year – Holidays algae become a grave festival. Go visit the tomb, if you see the fluorescent dense grass, soil physically foot’s embankment for the full … then go to worship ancestor.

Doan Ngo Festival

Tet Doan Ngo (Tet Doan Duong) on 5th of May (lunar calendar).

In Vietnam, the Doan Ngo festival is “Year kill insects” – as, in phase transfer season, a disease easily arises. On this day, people have more time to coincide except prevention. Use Absinth leaves (a Vietnamese traditional medicine), in which year then plait animal symbolic this year (Monkey Year – plait monkeys and called Hau Tu, in Tiger year – Plait Tiger called Ngai Ho …) hook up the house to expel demons. Later, when disease, which leaves identity as drugs. They’re going to pick drug leaves (motherwort, dew-berry, mortar mill, eugenia) the drinking in Horse hour.

Plum and Fermented rice are Indispensable dishes consumed during Doan Ngo festival

Plum and Fermented rice are Indispensable dishes consumed during Doan Ngo festival

Vietnamese All Soul’s Day (Tết Trung Nguyên – Vu Lan)

Tet Trung Nguyen in July. People believe the old Buddhist books, there is considered today pardon for the dead, show gratitude to one’s parents … often do so in the temple usually conduct an expiatory. On 15th in July (lunar calendar) have 2 festival days:

– The first: forgiveness of sins for all who died, many people called reinforces parties. Concept of common people that this is the soul wandering helpless, not in the earthly family to worship or lost, or a being victim of a gross injustice …

– The second: Vu Lan festival, derived from stories Dai Muc Kieu Lien. Vu Lan considered a mass for the dead for parents in 7 generations, comes from the heart signal. In recent years, in Vu Lan festival has “Bong Hong Cai Ao” (rose install shirt ) show piety of children for parents.

Vu Lan Festival is one of the biggest Buddhist festivals held on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month every year

Vu Lan Festival is one of the biggest Buddhist festivals held on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month every year

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is the biggest traditional celebration for children in Vietnam.

Mid-Autumn Festival in 15th of August lunar calendar. Mid-Autumn Festival is for children but adults are meeting people here, alcohol, drinking tea, watching the moon … Often people make the ceremony family ancestors on the daytime, I presented fruit, confectionery, tea for children playing, deal out, see the moon, lantern parade in the night…

Mid-Autumn Festival in 15th of August lunar calendar

Mid-Autumn Festival in 15th of August lunar calendar

Kitchen God Festival

Kitchen God festival on New Year December 23 lunar calendar – the day we see it as “king kitchen” comes to the Sun report the kitchen, work, behavior of the family in years.

According to legend, the old couple had two poor too, have to take leave. Later, the wife gets married to a rich husband. One day, burned votive paper outside, the wife sees the man solicit, see one ex-husband, the wife should be the heart, bring rice, money for ex-husband. The New husband knew, he suspects his wife. Their wife stabbed difficult, working in the kitchen fire suicide.

The ex-husband is deeply attached to his wife, jumping into the fire. New husband regrets, stabbed into the fire! The jade emperor sees 3 righteous people that bestow them “king kitchen. From area to worship the new “Kitchen God”.

Today’s to market to 23 December lunar each year, each family usually bought two men hats, one woman hat and her three carp as “horse” (carp become dragon ) for Kitchen God to heaven. After worshiping in the kitchen, the burning helmet and 3 carp drop in ponds, lakes, rivers …


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