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Long Bien Bridge – The Famous Bridge in Hanoi’s People Memories

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Rainy season, water may be more 8m high. More than 100 years ago on September-1898, Indochina full ceremony has started a bridge across the Red River. Bridge is named Paul Doumer, but Hanoi’s still called the Long Bien Bridge or Cai Bridge River.

Long Bien bridge, designed by architects, birth father of Eiffel tower, France icon.

Long Bien bridge, designed by architects, birth father of Eiffel tower, France icon.

All civilization world are linked with rivers. If “Egypt is a living exhibit of Nil” is thought to India, can not forget Hang River, as well as civilization of Chinese with Truong Giang river, Hoang Ha river, civilization Mesopotamia and two rivers Tigro and Ofrat. Red River attached to its rice civilization of the ancient Vietnamese – Red River civilization, have depth 20m.

Long Bien Bridge also known as Cai bridge river

Long Bien Bridge also known as Cai Bridge River

Instead of the workers are recruited China before, in tact, the fast, dynamic, and the operator Vietnam assembling the metal components, core to the top, use the Crane should … under the guidance of French engineers, the building location of the ship that the French gun explosion on the Attorney General and opening North Vietnam invaded the past.

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Bridge is including 20 pillars built and open, with 30m depth 13.5 m high and the lowest water level. Right bank has a Vom bridge 800m long, the whole body is 2.500m. Most unique feature of the bridge are the two roads, railway in the middle of the entrance to the left.

On February 1902 inaugurated bridge, is the path connecting Hanoi, Hai Phong and set Railway’s first railway across Indochina.

Sunset on Long Bien Bridge

Sunset on Long Bien Bridge

Meanwhile, is a Long Bien bridge in 4 of the world’s largest, most prominent in the Far East. But, as most of the infrastructure that the French built in Vietnam, the bridge is mainly for the purpose of exploitation, exploitation of resources and labor put Vietnam on the country.

Long Bien Bridge is associated with two historical resistance of the peoples, as well as witnessing the transition going on in their country since the unification.

Long Bien Bridge is part of the capital Hanoi, so every event can build national occurred in Hanoi have witnessed and the participation of the bridge. 1945, Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, a suburban people went through Long Bien bridge hearing Uncle Hoi An should I say the cells do not listen? “.

October 1954, Hanoi flooded in the event flowers on liberating the capital.

Foreign tourists are walking on the Long Bien Bridge

Foreign tourists are walking on the Long Bien Bridge

Resistance against USA, tank guns ammunition with soldier to support for the South. 21 years after the capital is released, also witnessed the joy independent freedom happiness on the faces of the jubilant Hanoi: liberating the South.

That research statistics: more than 2 million tons of bombs paste empire dumping American country, more than half are pouring bridges and roads.

Long Bien bridge is strafe and bomb the fire with the name of control. Twice the fracture fairway. But Hanoi people still connect to the car through every night, day to uncover and cover the eyes. Vestiges to Long Bien is losing a piece so the dragon (as the Hanoi’s people told) and Me river contain how much steel bomb, bullet.

Long Bien Bridge and north across the beach. The residents of the village beach on Ha Trung told: “The years of war, between the beach and 6 knoll of antiaircraft gun protect the power and Yen Phu power station. On the roof top of bridge has many iron – vestiges of the battle of our team.

Stand the blast of bomb, the bridge is still exist as proof for his courage, wisdom of Hanoi in the war against America.

Peace, unification, the Long Bien bridge for vehicles and walk to where the. Each day more than 3000 train cars, more than 15,000 people through the turns. Some place for the tasty electrocardiogram. Surface to be repaired less frequently.

Overlooking the Red River see the reckless lack of women’s ancient dream “bridging strip camisole. Wind of Red river also not enough for the girls not on “the false mother “when hats fall down river.

To protect open at prow always tear as waves, the trade source.

I remember the day on 2 September , children extramural, first leg of the ceiling, put together to walk through to visit Uncle Ho. One can forget about tired feet, to the maximum of the living again drunk singing “dream last night I met Uncle Ho …”.

I remember subsidize ‘s time, to cycling to the work, my father’s shirt was hot rank wind. Once, the car damaged chain. No money, no performance car, the driver over the globe. Sweat paste tightly back.

Mobile vending vehicles parked at the head of Long Bien bridge

Mobile vending vehicles parked at the head of Long Bien bridge

A about 16 years old, than to carry on, to sit on the car and pulled the car over to bridge. Father said : the winter evening have a hoot on teaching in the wind “that … that … that “perhaps the rivet is worn. I fret: Or bridge to be cold? “.

Chuong Duong Bridge and Thang Long used, cars, motorcycles do not go through Long Bien bridge again. Bridge not talent every day. But the new has worn. Time flush teem color on steel. Concrete surface undulation chink. Each train through, to run back up.

Into a demand of all the foreign people. Each morning, each piece mail, the vegetable, the tree … to the City. Employees to the agency, the factory. Your students to school. Opposite way, are the fruit market to Long Bien. Wind blowing through the river, blowing away the dew new hard salty.

Evenings, the top students of each other waiting. The car, the fever is not empty cross bridge again. From morning to night, the always exciting so. To high pressure have on the light.

Floodlight to light, in particular the results of bridge, walk down the beach between exercise, enjoy the fresh air of the beach’s original of corn bank in eject antenna season or mint flicker in the wind soon. From the beach to sell pumpkin, tomatoes, potatoes, communications, parking … some Gia Lam ‘s woman carry bin flowers steal the natural green sweeter to go through retail in the old town .

Long Bien Bridge … Visitors to the record pace on the bridge. How sometimes you already know each other sessions on how the age class “of natural par” keep the image in film memories.

A train is passing through Long Bien Bridge

A train is passing through Long Bien Bridge

Any such determination and good cover, more than a century are still central place to pace pair of Long Bien bridge will contribute to people’s lives Hanoi today.

And every time through the bridge, I nail all the security people are industrious cycling there have broken the boy’s age of 16 years past.

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