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Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, Hanoi – The First University in Vietnam

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Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is located in the south of Thang Long-time home Ly. Before the contents of the stone, stele was named with the names of those successful at the imperial exams. This is the place to the domestic and the praise and gifts for students to exchange points test and study well and is excellent where the doctor from now on to “frown” before each exam.

Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam, Hanoi, Vietnam

Temple of Literature also hosts the Imperial Academy

Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) was built in 8 years Canh Tuat (1070) New Spirit in the second Vu Ly Tong, making statue Chu Cong, Khong Tu and painting of the cross That delicate gentle four seasons sacrifice. Prince to teaching.

May 1076, Ly Nhan Tong set up the Quoc Tu Giam (National University), which may be considered here as the first university in Vietnam. Initially, the school was just for the king and the right to mistreat you (the name is Quoc Tu).

In 1253, King Tran Thai Tong expand the National Electronic and collected all the children of people can be excellent learning.

May 1156, Ly Anh Tong Van revised the Temple and worship Khong Tu.

To the Hau Le, Nho Giao is very prevalent. In 1484, Le Thanh Tong build stele with the names of those successful at the imperial exams from 1442 onwards.

May 1762, Le Hien Tong for editing is Quoc Tu Giam – the training institutions and higher education levels of court. May 1785 moved to the Thai Hoc.

Life of king Nguyen, Quoc Tu Giam set up at Hue. In the year 1802, king Gia Long is determined by Van Mieu – Hanoi and construction for The Van Khue Cac. Old School Director at the Temple after the Khai Thanh taken as the holy church to parents Khong Tu.

In early 1947, France’s army as a cannonball made the housing collapse, only the base with two stone columns and 4 crunches. Today, the house was to build the architecture at the same time as all the rest.


Khue Van in the Van Mieu, looking from outside the Thai students in the Ly – Tran scale of what is currently not in, because the historical material has been burned or Minh troops take on the Yen Kinh, Beijing on the present.

However, the Thai Hoc at home was Le Le Quy Don described in “The cultural sub-index” is: “The Thai study, three times, with horizontal walls, classes in tile contract. The teaching in the east and west are two rows 14 times.

Classrooms students are further three rows, each row 25 space, each space have 2 people.

The Khue Van Cac and Thien Quang Tinh Lake

The Khue Van Cac and Thien Quang Tinh Lake

The whole architecture Van Mieu current architecture is the first time Nguyen. The campus is surrounded by four walls built with Bat Trang bricks. Architectural Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam layout is posted on each district, each of the North-South axis, simulating the overall planning area Van Tu Khong temple worship in his hometown in Khuc Phu, Son Dong, China.

However, the scale here than simple, architectural simplicity, and the traditional methods of ethnic art.

Van Mieu front has a large lake called Van Chuong lake, an old ancient name called Thai Ho. Between their Kim Chau mound, storied past for sightseeing.

Apart from the main gate pillars, both sides described organic stele “Ha Ma”, the area around the building a high wall surrounded. Official Temple Tam type of construction, the 3 words “Van Mieu Mon” Kanji style antique.

The temple of Literature Hanoi is divided into 5 areas clearly, each area has a short wall and gate travel contact with each other:

Area first: start with the Van Mieu Mon gateway to Dai Trung Mon, both sides have a small door Thanh Duc Mon and Dat Tai Mon.

Second zone: from Dai Trung Mon to Khue Van to the (by North Military General Nguyen Van Thanh Thanh for construction in 1805). Khue Van is the architecture is not due but the rate of harmonious and beautiful. Architecture with 4 pillars square (85 cm x 85 cm) below the weeds attic above, the structure is beautiful wood. Floors are 4 of the circle, a handrail, and the media painted wooden roofs with simple, rustic.

Roof tile husband two classes make up the 8 roofs, wood roofs, and flat roof surface. The attic is an eight square floor roof, the four walls are window-circle the sun’s rays that cast the light.

Image Khue Van Cac all from the sky down to earth cast earth which is the symbol of square wells, Thien Quang. Works bring beauty Khue stars, bright stars symbolize literature.

This is often used as a place to enjoy the Creation of poetry from ancient to the present. Two right-left is Van Khue Cac are Bi Van Mon and Suc Van Mon neighborhood stele named with the names of those successful at the imperial exams.

Major third: including lake Thien Quang Tinh ( wells flash sunlight), with a square. They are two sides of stele named with the names of those successful at the imperial exams.

Each plate is made of beer stone carving contest to the name of the first doctoral candidate, first rank doctorate second laureate, third-highest academic, second rank doctor, PhD. Fabricated on a turtleback.

There is 82 stele on scientific examination from 1442 to May 1779.

Turtle Steles with the names of those successful at the imperial exams

Turtle Steles with the names of those successful at the imperial exams

The fourth area is the center and the architecture of Main Temple, the two large layouts in parallel and connected to each other. Outside the court is the way in court is also Thuong palace.

Bai Duong Building - Temple of Literature Hanoi

Bai Duong Building – Temple of Literature Hanoi

The fifth area: is Khai Thanh temple, shrine parents Khong Tu, contact area 4th through Khai Thanh Mon. This area was rebuilt.

Van Mieu has Khong Tu statue and Tu Phoi (Nhan Tu, Tang Tu, Tu Tu, Manh Tu). In power worship, Khong Tu has two pairs of crane ride on turtles. This image is very specific in temples, pagodas, mausoleum, temple look at Vietnam.

Photo crane ride on turtles in the back in many temples…, crane turtles standing on the back of the harmony between heaven and earth, between two extreme negative – positive. Crane is the emblem of the essence and higher.

According to legend turtles, cranes and sometimes you are very friendly together. Turtles symbolize the animals that live underwater, can creep. Crane is the symbol for animals living in shallow, can fly.

The atmosphere as rain floods, a flood of a large area, a crane can not live water, turtles should help overcome areas to flood the place dry. Conversely, when sky drought, turtles have been taken crane to help areas of the country.

This says to the general aquatic support and helps each other during difficulties, the problem between the good friends.

Khue Van Cac in Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam in One hunder VND

Khue Van Cac in Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam in One hunder VND

Today, Khue Van Cac in Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam was recognized as the symbol of Hanoi.

PS: On March 9, 2010, in Macao, The memory World Committee in Asia-Pacific of UNESCO has approved and recognized doctor stone stele of Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam as a world heritage documentation


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