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Temple of Literature, Hanoi – 12 little things about this world’s treasures

Recently recognized as the world’s documentary heritage, a huge examinations in the history of Vietnam, Temple of Literature (Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam – Hanoi) epitaph also hides the little known story.

Attraction: Temple of Literature, Aka  Văn Miếu – Quốc Tử Giám – is a temple dedicated to Confucius
The temple hosts the Imperial Academy, Vietnam’s first national university.
Location: 58 Quoc Tu Giam, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Opening time:  Summer ( From April to October): 08:00 – 16:30; Winter (From October to April): 08:00 – 17:30

Entrance fee:
– Adult: 30,000 VND (~US$ 1.25) for Vietnamese and foreigners.
– Students: 15,000 VND (~US$ 0.75) (ID, students card required).
– People with serious disabilities, elderly 60 years and up (Vietnamese citizens, with identity card): VND 15,000 (~US$ 0.75)
– Children under 15: Free.
Dresscode:  no hat, shorts, mini skirt or tank-top.

Temple of Literature - is a temple dedicated to Confucius

Temple of Literature – is a temple dedicated to Confucius

12 little known story about Temple of Literature

The First to Write The Forehead Stele

Calligraphy To Ngai is the first to write the forehead stele on style seal character the first seventh steles in the history eract a monument doctorate in Vietnam. On 15 August 1484, the 15th year of Hong Duc, King Le Thanh Tong gave up seven steles all noun PHD stele in Van Mieu. This is first eract a monument PHD stele. The states wrote clearly the examinations from 1442 to 1481. This has created a precedent, and the Doctoral steles lasted up until the Nguyen dynasty.

The prepared text for the inscription was made by the gods in the Academy from about Hong Duc date, the writing and the assessment by the supervision of cival mandarin. But in this first round of stales, all stales forehead were caused by To Ngai.

The Most Famous Phrase Engraved Inscription on The Temple of Literature

The most famous phrase engraved inscription on the Temple of Literature is the “talented and righteous is life sustaining element of national” by Than Trung Nhan wrote on the examination of stele in 1442, built in 1484. This is the stele of the first examination of the Le Dynasty, Bao Dai dating to the 3rd.

Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam was considered the first Vietnam national university

Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam was considered the first Vietnam national university

Currently, the stele in the middle east area of  Temple of Literature. Originally the entire passage is translated into English “Talented and righteous is life sustaining element of national. Life sustaining element is so powerful position of country and up. Life sustaining element is low then position of country is down. Therefore, the king no one is taking the use and recruitment of talent is the first. “

This sentence is engraved repeated in subsequent examinations. In the first examination is engraved stele (1442) also obtained by Dr. Ngo Sy Lien, famous historian in Vietnam.

Largest Tho (long lived) Word Carved Epitaph on the Van Mieu

Largest Tho (long lived) word carved epitaph on the Temple of Literature was written in cursive style Thao Phong – Di Hy Tran Doan style, the founder of Astrology and also a famous calligraphy Tong dynasty.

Stele was carved in 1731, with Nguyen Nghiem (1708-1775) is important in the Vietnam history of the Hau Le. He was born and raised in the Tien Dien village – Nghi Xuan district. He is the father of Nguyen Du, Nguyen Nghiem was also hight ranking offical in Quoc Tu Giam.

Temple of Literature hosts the Imperial Academy

Temple of Literature also hosts the Imperial Academy

Turtle Wear Stale For The Show Immortalization.

So far, it is the notion that the turtle wear stale for the show immortalization. Also similarly, turtle wear PHD stele in Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam. However, there is a presumption that animals wear  Temple of Literature stele has the shape of turtle named Bi Hy (also known as Ba Ha). The point of this hypothesis is the legend “Dragon born 9 children” in the book Vu Trung notes of Vu Do Phuong.

According to legend, the dragons were born 9 children, but not the shape of the mother. Among them are an animal is named Bi Hy, like turtles, carrying the heavy favorite and live long.

The Largest PHD Steles in Temple of Literature

The largest PHD steles in Temple of Literature belong the stele on the examination of the late 18th century under the Le – Trinh dynasty. Of these, more than 10 beers of this type. The size of the stele in different dates decided by many factors, but one of these factors is the aesthetic concept of dating each other.

PHD Stele in Temple of Literature

The whole beautiful surname, fine name wrote about Trinh lord on PHD stele in Temple of Literature were opaque, clear text. Professor Do Van Ninh, which is produced from the Nguyen Dynasty, when in 1840, King Minh Mang required to chisel out merit some PHD stele period Le Trung Hung at Quoc Tu Giam. Others said that this court later did not want Trinh lord stand to peer with the king Le ordered to delete the word .

Temple of Literature Hanoi consists of five separate courtyards

Temple of Literature Hanoi consists of five separate courtyards

Doctoral Steles at Hanoi Temple of Literature

Ngo Thi Nham and Le Quy Don also two historical names deleted from the stele. The reason these two names is still cloudy continue to be studied.

Stone Steles Architecture

While the stele are decorated with daisies, dragon, kylin, turtle, phoenix, the private epitaph in 1643 with a unique shape to the farmers with the buffalo. The Hanoi study Nguyen Vinh Phuc said: This is very precious, as the inscription Dr. have farmers images, reflecting the encourage agricultural expansion idea esteem talent of the time.

Rearrangement of the steles adjustment.

Based on petition to the king of the Trai Van Vuong farmer, it is said that the Quang Trung moved to the battle-filed Northern rout Thanh’s army that steles sprawling in the Temple of Literature should petition to the King Quang Trung rearrangement of the steles adjustment.

However, whether or not rearrange the stele as petition to the king continue to be studied. This article can not find the original kanji, only in some materials in Vietnamese.

First Politician to Touch Turtles Epitaph of Temple of Literature

First politician to touch turtles epitaph of Temple of Literature most famous former U.S. President Bill Clinton. The top turtle touched that, Bill Clinton appreciate the cultural value of knowledge as well as Vietnamese. However, so far it is difficult to know what was the first politician to touch the first turtle. Visit to Vietnam in May 11/2000 Bill Clinton is the first U.S. politicians to visit Vietnam later in 1975.

Epitaph Titled Doctor of Vietnam

Thickest book on the Temple of Literature epitaph PhD subject title ” Epitaph titled doctor of Vietnam” with 1000 pages of Trinh Khac Manh professor publisher of Giao Duc publisher published in 2006. Size 16 cm x book is 24 cm, weight 2000 grams, of particular reference books.

This is considered “the major reference books, scientific value and practical, meaning the political, cultural and educational depth, presented in beautiful ” This book was Best books of the publishing industry in 2007.

The first doctoral thesis research on Stone stele records in Văn Miếu Quốc Tử Giám

The first doctoral thesis research overall epitaph named “Thesis encourage study” in which research on the PhD stele in Temple of Literature is the most important of this PhD thesis. Thesis by PhD student Nguyen Huu Mui made in 2006.

Official website of Center for Scientific and Cultural Activities Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam:


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