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The beauty of Hanoi in 12 months

The weather in Hanoi is generally neither too hot nor too cold all year round. You can travel to Hanoi at any time of the year, but each month has its own highlights or beauty. Each month, Hanoi brings many emotions to each characterized by beauty breath brought a thousand-year-old capital.


At the end of the month of Jan 2021, the air began to prepare for the Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year. People started digging interested in the price of peach, the price of blueberries. At Nhat Tan peach garden, Tu Lien, Hanoi, Kumquat blossoms bloom shy. The festival stalls were sold on the streets of Hanoi. The people, the bustling arrange a conversation last year, prepare to welcome the new year. Spring Color brilliant, was celebrated across the capital.

Tet Flowers Market

At the end of the month of January 2021, spring air flooded the streets of Hanoi.

Kumquat garden welcome spring

Kumquat garden welcome spring


Hanoi in Tet is deserted than usual. These days, many people leave the exile capital of the country for prosperous family reunions. Day usually crowded streets immense time, without people. Ha Noi to put on his gentleness, thoughtfully.

Bus station is full of people coming home to celebrate Tet
In early February, in the crowded bus people back home for Tet
Peaceful streets on Tet holiday

Hanoi streets in Tet deserted more

A family making Banh Chung together

A family making Banh Chung together. Photo: Zing

Pack Chung cake for Tet

A woman are releasing carp after worship

A woman is releasing carp after worship

The place is famous as Ngoc Son temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda, West Lake government these days are tourists from everywhere. People come to the temple, praying for a new year of peace and happiness.


It’s hard to talk about March without mentioning International Women’s Day on March 8th. Many flower shops have opened on Hanoi’s streets since the beginning of the month. Honor the day of the lady over the flooded metropolis of beautifully colored flowers.

flower shops

flower shops

March, the month of Sua flowers  Beautiful late spring Hanoi gentle, delicate pure white in color. Sua flowers as cotton stretched tight the sky, carpet on the sidewalk. Sua flowers season, Hanoi peace, the strange shining!

Dalbergia odorifera flower

Dalbergia odorifera flower

Sua flowers also known as Dalbergia odorifera flower – typical of March in Hanoi.


Lilies’ flowers are referenced in relation to Hanoi in April. This flower is also known as the “flower of April,” because lilies only bloom once a year in April. Still not as bright or aromatic as many other flowers, but white enough to provide a pure beauty for lilies. Lilies are no longer regarded as symbols of the “known” about the summer in Hanoi.

White lilies greet April in Hanoi

Hanoi in April – the beautiful moment between the spring and summer


Summer’s expression is considerably more pronounced. The blazing crimson of the flamboyant trees dispersed the Hanoi sky, and the sound of cicadas appeared to tickle someplace.

Hanoi girls with Flamboyant flowers

Hanoi girls with Flamboyant flowers

Flamboyant season – beautiful site in Hanoi’s summer

The month of May also marks the start of the lotus blooming season. This May, you can enjoy the rustic beauty, the ethereal charm, and the charm of Hanoi lotus in the West Lake lotus dress or Dinh Nhan (Co Nhue – Tu Liem) dress lotus. Lotus radiates a delicate perfume, gentleness, through Hanoi’s narrow alley streets.

Summer is a season of lotus flowers in Hanoi

Summer is a season of lotus flowers in Hanoi

Flowers with the culture of Hanoi people


June, a season of absence from her as his learner once more. The ritual is held in synchronization by the schools, with white oriental robes soaring through the streets of Hanoi. Where kids’ tears and choking cries at each transmission line entries:

parted friends, teachers, and school

”In the summer, dry season, season faraway

Phoenix season, season, season separation“

The blooming Flamboyant flowers season is also the farewell season for 12th grade students


The scorching weather in July is often a deciding factor for University examination candidates. A large number of parents and contestants from the region travel to the capital to take the crucial exam.

In July, images of young contestants, restlessness, and worry before entering the University exam — a life-changing milestone – become all too familiar on the streets of Hanoi. Keeping eye contact with the parents of the children and making gestures of affection and concern for their children.

Vietnamese Girl with Voluntary Blue shirt

The finest photo of the day in July in Hanoi was a voluntary blue shirt.
A blue volunteer shirt is an extraordinarily gorgeous image of Hanoi these days. On a hot July day, because of the weather and the stress of tests, student volunteer forces stand side by side, supporting and helping the contestants and their families at the bus terminal, hotel room, and test scores.


From August onwards, the fall season begins. The weather is becoming cooler as the temperature drops. In the center of Hanoi, the rain fly times of the season are softer, with more deposition with moments to collect. Somewhere, a rich scent of milk flower, cm – food presents were collected and sold on street booths in Hanoi. Autumn in Hanoi, coupled with the fall in the right light yellow leaves, and a pair of iron will wind through the alley autumn, is the main witness.

Autumn in Hanoi is the season when yellow leaves fill the streets

Autumn in Hanoi is the season when yellow leaves fill the streets

Com - a famous snack of Hanoi

Cốm – an integral part of autumn Hanoi

Milkwood pine flower - Hoa sữa

Milk flower – gentle beauty of Hanoi


September is a generous month for Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole. National Day is celebrated on September 2nd, and a crimson flag with a yellow star-covered sky of Hanoi serves as a reminder of the country’s historic heritage.

National Day is Vietnam's big public holiday

National Day is Vietnam’s big public holiday

September is the start of the academic year. The capital city is engulfed in the raucous mood of the first day of the new school year. The infant in class one was first excited when parents walked hand in hand to school, had a few new faces, and grieved as the first ones to depart, stepped into an unfamiliar atmosphere. The clean smile of the first day of schoolgirls in Hanoi in September made them even more lovely and sparkling.

September 5 is the opening day of the new school year nationwide

The lively Hanoi Autumn Festival takes place in September. Hang Ma Street is lined with traditional children’s toys such as star lights, masks, and so on. Autumn is also the time for the complete family to get together, thanks to the full round moon. Autumn has become a warm beauty, the fullness of Hanoi in September when parents bring their children to play.

Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere in Hang Ma street

Hang Ma street – The color culture of the Old Quarter of Hanoi


The 10th of October is a memorable month in Hanoi, as it marks Capital Liberation Day. This is an opportunity for Hanoi to be proud of its heroic beauty, the signs of a beautiful capital with thousands of years of civilization, and for the people of Vietnam to admire the familiar images connected with the capital – the country’s heart.

Flag tower of Hanoi

October – the month for Hanoi residents proud of beloved Capital.


Referring to Hanoi in November and the “call winter” flower – Daisy nightingale – if so flawed. The appearance of daisy nightingales on the streets of Hanoi, along with the return of cold air, signified the return of winter. People are still shocked by the sheer beauty, its purity, of the brightly colored, gorgeous, small beautiful daisy nightingale clusters. These sweet little daisy nightingales, pure white bunched together and fluttering in the breeze, have become an essential dotted moment of the fall-winter season in Hanoi.

Nightingale daisy flower in Hanoi street

Daisy nightingale – ” call winter ” flower in Hanoi


Hanoi is welcoming 12 new days, although the air from the previous five days has been noticeable in recent days. The weather had changed entirely to winter, and the harsh winds made people shudder every time they were alone on the street. Hanoi winter is stretched out like early morning dew, the metropolis engulfed in a magical mist of hazy, glittering antiques.

Hanoi on a winter morning

Hanoi on a winter morning

Hanoi in fog

Grilled yam and corn picture cooking fire getting acquainted with Hanoi on a cold December day. What could be more enjoyable than sitting by the fire, smelling the aroma of delicious cooked yams and corn, and savoring the sweet, warm air?

Grilled Corn

Toasted corn – winter gift of Hanoi

In Hanoi, the last month of the year, there are two wonderful, ancient mediums: glitter and magic, and the mundane, warm, and caring.


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