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Rosehip Helps Reduce Development of Cancer Cells for ER+ Breast Cancer

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New study has revealed that the chances of curing serious disease such as estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer increase with herbal treatment using rosehip. According to the researchers, some herbal extracts possess the ability to improve the efficiency of certain cancer medicines.

ER+ effect is one of the most difficult and aggressive type of cancer to treat. It also seems to hit African American women much harder than their Anglo counterparts. Also, according to some researchers, it is least responsive to the chemotherapy treatment.

Rosehip Helps Reduce Development of Cancer Cells for ER+ Breast Cancer

Rosehip Helps Reduce Development of Cancer Cells for ER+ Breast Cancer

The researchers concluded a herbal extract known as rosehip helps to fight against the cancer by dramatically reducing the development and migration of cancer cells.

For the study, the research team under Patrick Martin, associate professor at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, applied concentrated rosehip extracts to the cancerous cells.

The team found them less resistant to the treatment process of chemotherapy and also discovered that the rates of migration slashed down considerably by 45%.

The team discovered that with the help of gene analyses, the activation of the UPR pro-survival pathway among the sufferers of African-American region was boosted in comparison to other victims.

Martin said, “How awesome would certainly it be to be able to state, Here, take an everyday vitamin tablet from the rose plant to possibly help prevent or treat cancer? It’s an organic product that we found to be reliable, with no recognized side effects”.

The researchers concluded that herbs can definitely play a significant role in treating cancerous cells. According to them, it is a great study as naturopathic and homeopathic remedies have been successfully administered for various ailments for centuries.


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