The Importance of Waist Beads in Love Making

Have you ever heard of the Waist Beads? Most likely, you have heard about the many reasons women choose to wear waist beads. It can be jewelry, or it can also be used for weight loss purposes.

But, would you like to learn more about “the importance of waist beads in the love-making process”? You will find more fascinating facts by reading on.

About Waist Beads

Waist Beads can be ornaments made of glass beads, molded clay, or molded clay. They are worn over the waist for many different reasons. Continue reading to discover the many reasons that women love wearing waist beads.

For example: “Wearing waist beads around your waist makes your hips seem more pronounced because the waist beads will eventually make your waist smaller.”

African culture gave birth to the tradition of wearing waist beads. The wearing of waist beads is a part of West African culture. But, women all over the globe now enjoy wearing waist beads.

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Reasons Why Women Wear Beads

The Importance of Waist Beads in Love Making

The Importance of Waist Beads in Love Making. Photo by Kairi Bädē

Sexual Appeal: A woman wearing waist beads is thought to be sexually attractive to men. African men are drawn to women wearing beads. They also confess that they love to see a woman wearing a waist bead. They are fond of playing with it when their women lie down in their arms or while they have sex.

Body Shapers: Some women find that waist beads can be used to help shape their bodies. A woman from Africa can tell whether she is losing weight or gaining weight simply by wearing beads.

Traditional Practices: It is believed that beads can improve a woman’s curves. To enhance the curves of African baby girls and give them shape, beads are worn around their necks.

Healing and Meditation: Many people believe that waist beads are protective and healing charms that protect you from danger. They can help reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

Heritage and pride: The waist beads can sometimes be a sign of love for Ghana’s heritage or Africa’s heritage.

Maturity & Growth: These beads are worn by many communities on girls’ heads as a sign of maturity and growth.

Makeba Liya has a video about Why African Women Wear Waist Beads, which you can watch here

What Is Love Making?

Loving making is very different from having sex. Here’s a hint: The quote below explains what love-making looks like.

“Making Love, she believed, was more than a pleasant act between two people. It included all the things a couple was supposed to be able to share: trust, commitment, hopes, dreams, a promise of making it through whatever the future might hold.” Nicholas Sparks and Nights in Rodanthe

The essence of lovemaking is another type of sex. This is because it is more intimate, romantic, and even spiritual. Then, one might ask “What’s the value of waist beads for lovemaking?”

Are Waist Beads Evil?

People often ask if waist beads are evil or the meaning of voodoo and waist beads in relationships. To answer these questions, and to find out if waist beads witchcraft is real, let’s look at history. The history and use of waist beads date back to antiquity. Many believe they originated in Egypt, where they were called “girdles” by women and used as status symbols. The Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, West Africa made the tradition very popular. They are worn to celebrate womanhood, sexuality, and femininity.

Yoruba women were known to have used beads laced with charms or fragrances that would appeal to their opposite sex. While this practice is no longer common, some women still wear beads to seduce men. Waist beads could be called “African Lingerie”.

Waist Beads

in West Africa, Waist Beads have several names: “Jel-Jelli”, “Jigeda”, “Giri-Giri”, “Yomba” or “Djalay Djalay” as in Chad. Photo by Grexsys

Importance Of Waist Beads In Love Making

As mentioned earlier, the African culture is the source of the idea that beads can be worn. Wearing waist beads is a tradition that Africans have preserved.

Africa is full of strange traditions and beliefs about sex. The traditional Zulu culture was filled with positive values and behaviors that discouraged the use of penetrative sexual activity before marriage. Alternative sexual practices, such as Ukusoma, were put in place to ensure that young men could still fulfill their physical needs in relationships. Here are some reasons why African traditionalists think waist beads are important in lovemaking.


Waist beads are a great way to make a woman more attractive in lovemaking. Waist beads almost look like a charm

Waist beads increase a woman’s attraction to her partner. It allows women to be more flexible with their sexual lives. It allows women to change their waist beads and wear different colors or styles depending on their moods.

Spiritual Connection

In love making, another reason to wear waist beads is the spiritual connection it creates between partners. Prayers traditionally done with a partner and waist beads can create deeper spiritual connections.

Sexuality and Sensuality

In lovemaking, wearing beads creates a desire to have sex between the partners.

Attract and transfer energy among lovers. A waistband designed to transmit chakra energy can be worn, for example, to incite, create, and prosper.

Recharge sexuality, sensuality, and sexuality. You can do this by creating a desire to have sex fantasies.

Importance Of Wearing Waist Beads

“When you have the waist beads on your waist, hips seem more accentuated.”

Since ancient times, women have worn waist beads as part of West African culture. To add beauty and ornamentation, the belly beads are known as dangling gems. It is also a source of attraction that can add a lot to sex and myths. This improves sexuality.

What do Ghanaian women think of waist beads and sexual sex?

The significance of waist beads for lovemaking is proven by Ghanaian women. Some women also claim that the sound it produces is an indicator of a man’s willingness to have sex with them.

Ghanaian men are also interested in waist beads. They say they find it attractive when their wives wear them around the waist. Many women also said that the waist beads give rise to sexual desires when they are worn by their wives.

Young Ghanaian women married to older women should always have their waist beads around their waist. This will encourage their husband’s loyalty.

Being a firm believer that most couples will not want to have children in the early stages of their marriage. Wearing beads is a good way to control your fertility, even if you are desperate to continue loving and making friends. Nigerians use this method to avoid unwanted pregnancies. This allows them the freedom to find their love wherever they choose.

“Waist Beads ensure the body’s shape and action to appeal to partners intimately”

According to Yoruba culture women often wear waist beads in order to seduce their husbands. They dance around their partners with the beads at their waists, making their lovers crazy.

They also act as protection against the criminal rapist. Ghanaian women have tried to protect their waists by breaking them. The beads immediately stop a man from having an erection.

Reflection of purity and chastity

A common symbol of purity is the waist bead. The husband would take the waist beads off the girl’s post to have sex. The culture says that girls should not take the dress off themselves, particularly on their wedding night.

Here’s a summary of the importance and benefits of wearing Waist Beads:

  • For sexual appeal
  • For Body shaping
  • It shows maturity and growth
  • For healing and meditation
  • It is a symbol of pride and heritage

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