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Healthy Food vs Fast Food

It amazes me how we always try to find substitution for our fast-paced lifestyles. Dodging the donuts, but ordering a double French vanilla latte with whipped creme. Heavy creams with too much sugar and artificial flavoring – why do we put this into our bodies? Chemicals I can’t begin to pronounce. Then, we buy a power drink with so much caffeine effects for a pick me up later on, that makes your heart pump so fast your head spins. It bewilders me how many of us have made it a daily ritual of abusing these products.

Healthy Foods Are Crucial For The Body

Recently, a friend of mine sent me an email asking me to check out this new “natural health drink” he had decided to promote. Him being a professional athlete would have an impact on the public. Yes, it may be a fast and easy way for him to make money. Who’s better to promote a new vitamin drink but a young man who spends hours daily training and works out at the gym regularly. Not to mention, he is being looked up to by millions as a great sportsman; then throw in him being pretty easy on the eyes, and you have a great advertising strategy to sell this drink. Used over and over, but so many fall for it.

Fast food is very popular, a diet of burghers, pizzas and fried chicken is not very healthy.

Fast food is very popular, a diet of burghers, pizzas and fried chicken is not very healthy.

Why are millions of dollars being spent on these products to begin with?

Well, before checking out the link he sent me, I had to honestly give him my opinion on his promoting this product. I was disappointed he was going down that road but understood why. Then I had to clearly state my feelings on sport-, energy-, and vitamin-drinks.

I may sound harsh but I like to know what I’m putting into my body. So I read labels all the time. I also find pricing to be an issue. Do I really need to spend more money on products that, say, will give me the daily vitamin requirements my body needs, if I replace one meal with this bottle of juice?

I’m not into drinking my food

(Even if “Health” is written on it in big letters)

I love to eat and taste the different flavors and smell the aromas. Hearing the crunch of a fresh carrot or walnuts in a salad. The juice bursting into my mouth from a piece of pineapple, or the heat of a jalapeno is so enjoyable. I savor this!

Secondly, I know what to eat and I sent my celebrity friend a list of what my daily diet consists of.

I don’t clam to know it all, but I believe you are responsible for your body – and knowing your limits. Food is not an award; we eat to live, not live to eat.

I was happy to read that a few of our states are taking measures to make laws to band the selling of energy drinks to kids under the age of 18, and having the companies add warning labels that the drinks can be potentially harmful if used in excess.

These laws are great, but why are the drinks on the market in the first place? And to allow drinks like these with such a high level of caffeine – potentially dangerous, with no warning label, for just anyone to buy?

You just can’t drive through a fast food place and expect quality. At least I don’t. It may taste good, but I looked at something being served once and had to wonder what mystery meat it was; and the sauce so heavy and thick…

On one occasion, a girlfriend who is a single parent and working two jobs to make ends meet asked me to watch her 4 year old son while she went shopping. When she dropped him off, he had a child’s meal from a fast food restaurant. My eyes went straight to the little box and I looked at his mom and asked her Why are you feeding him this?

Her answer, it was convenient and he was hungry. He loves the fries. I suddenly got a film of imaginary grease and overpowering salty taste on my palate. A vivid memory of sampling a fry years back.

I found myself holding back any further comments, but once mom was gone, I talked to my little friend and said, You know I make very good French fries. Would you like to try mine? He was willing to, so I went to the fridge, got a sweet potato and prepped it for baked fries. Baked fries spread on a cookie sheet, and extra virgin olive oil drizzled over them, with a little salt. When done, I gave him some curry ketchup to dip them in. He ate them and enjoyed it. I was so pleased with myself.

I do understand how we can be rushed and have to compromise on healthy food. Especially as a business woman who, on top of that, has to take care of the kids. But you are what you eat, and parenting is a huge responsibility! Just too many parents drive through those fast food places without realizing they aren’t teaching very good eating habits.

On top of this, some schools are actually serving variations of these foods in the cafeterias. Is there any question to why Americans are having the weight problems? I don’t think so.

I know that has been said over and over, but it continues. I really feel getting back to the basics, learning to eat a proper, healthy diet and have an exercise regime, not only makes you feel better but resolves other issues such as stress and improving your whole mental well being. You can do so many things. (For example, try and give my natural fruit shake recipes a shot: so far I’ve written about my delicious Mango fruit shake, Pineapple fruit shake, and my Blueberry homemade yogurt recipe.)

When you stop and think about it: what better way is there to incorporate fitness than doing it as a family! You don’t necessarily have to have a family gym, but going to the park maybe, or using the bike trails that are available everywhere. There just isn’t an excuse not to exercise.

Instilling self discipline with the kids is great, but first the adults have to take steps because children learn by example. Children may be resilient, but in my opinion, teaching early is more beneficial then retraining after you have to put them on a diet and deal with their self esteem issues. Moderation is the key, and educating ourselves on the requirements of what our own body needs, to have a balanced diet with exercise. This is so simple; and once you change your bad habits, you wont go back because you will enjoy feeling so much better. Mentally and physically.

We really need to change things for the better and not rely so much on substitution. How can these so-called healthy foods be passed through government specs in the first place! Millions of dollars are being wasted here.


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