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Visit the Bai Tho Hats Village – Beautiful Culture of Hue People

When to talk the the Hue girl image, people do not forget the Vietnam violet Ao Dai with beautiful white conical hats(hats bring the good poem usually call Bai Tho hats), cover tilt in the sun. There, contains both a silhouette of the country, although everyone is trying to go far back

Visit the Bai Tho Hats Village - Beautiful Culture of Hue People

Visit the Bai Tho Hats Village – Beautiful Culture of Hue People

Thus, in many places beautiful and poetic of Hue, who traveled to this place do not forget to visit the Bai Tho Tay Ho conical hats village, to see firsthand the charming hat was born from the skilled hands people’s of ancient capital.

Tay Ho village is located on the Nhu Y river in Phu Ho, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province. Do not ever know itself, the village began to make Bai Tho hats. People only know that through many vicissitudes history hat making is the job, is to follow the career of many generations of Tay Ho village.

Raw materials for making a Bai Tho hats is simple, just call coconut leaves and palm leaf. For a light and beautiful hat, one must perform about 15 stages from the forest picking up the leaves, then drying the leaves, opening, ironing, select leaves, building pad ring, run hat with big thread, cut sheets, cutting yarn … To get the beautiful leaves, people usually choose young leaves on the forest (the Bo Qui Diep tree) with blue light, then take the overnight frost exposure to tobacco softened. Next, we ironed leaves, prepare frame to run hat with big thread. This framework includes six trees make side the main, based on the layout that we were picked 16 bamboo frame winding to create cone.

The Non La – A Cultural Icon of Vietnam

The Non La – A Cultural Icon of Vietnam

When making Bai Tho hat, people only two classes leaves, in between are the landscapes and the good poetry. For more durable one liners add a layer of Dot leaves. Finally, cut the leaves excess, making straps and spread a thin layer of oil paint to waterproof.


Bai Tho hat of Hue simple but it brought in a heart, a love homeland, went gently into poetry:

” White orient robe but to find you can not see
Bring some sunshine presenting rhythm Truong Tien bridge
Hats are Hue, but life is not so
Sunrise from your hat tilted “

Pictures of cute little girls in orient robe coloring violet, bring Bai Tho hat, gentle on the streets of Hue has left so many emotions for people to land this ancient capital. At this point, you not only enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient citadel castle, enjoy the delicious dishes, but also feel a Hue soul contained in each Bai Tho hats merging lullabies on poetic Huong Giang river .


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