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How To Turn Square Glutes Into Round Glutes: The Complete Guide

A round-bubble butt is a popular goal for women. However, we’re all blessed with different genes for the glute which determine the form of the glute we are born with. Apart from genetic factors bone structure, nutrition, and a host of other variables influence the appearance of the buttocks.

The square glutes are known to sit slightly below the lower part of the buttocks. They also contain excess body fat in the upper region of the hips, glutes, and lower abdominal region often called”the “muffin the top.”

Although women have 5 different types of butt shapes according to research, women with square butt shapes are always looking for ways to achieve the appearance of a rounder and more attractive butt.

In reality, there are plenty of guides about how to construct a rounder butt that does not provide any benefits, and the majority won’t help you!

This article explains the science-based method of transforming your glutes’ squares into the round, sleek and sexy derriere everyone desires. Let’s take some time to look at the most effective exercises and techniques for turning your square glutes into rounder glutes.

How to make my buttocks bigger and rounder?

It is a matter of how to transform square glutes into round glutes. So why do we talk about expanding the size of the glutes? The answer is simple: you must have large buttocks before you can think about ways to make them rounder.

Flat buttocks are not able to transform into rounder buttocks, without expanding your buttocks. Even if you’ve got big glutes that are square, you require exercise and diet to build muscle and shed weight to turn them into rounder glutes.

Today is a day and age when the majority of females are more conscious of how they appear and feel than they ever have. Nearly all women are concerned about their appearance at some moment, even if only for a few minutes. In reality, almost all women could benefit from some help changing their glutes from round to square.

The squared glutes can be a major issue in many females. I’m not sure what causes them and the reason could vary from one woman to the next. Some people don’t have enough fat to make their jeans more full or t-shirts, while some have excessively developed quadriceps and are susceptible to injuries in the knee.

Whatever the reason, here are some tips to help you transform your glutes that are square into round ones!

It is possible to increase the size of your bum through your exercise routine to stimulate and activate specific muscles. This makes your bum firmer, more powerful, and more sculpted appearance.

To increase the size of your butt, start doing a butt-building strength workout three every week, and cardiovascular exercises that target your stomach. Also, alter your diet to help the goal of increasing your butt. To get the most results, pick clothes that give the appearance of a bigger and more muscular butt.

If you’re consistent in your exercise routine, you’ll begin to see results in 4 to six weeks. But, modest growth in muscle takes about 6-8 weeks of steady work and over the course of six months to a year, you’ll be able to alter the body’s musculature and composition that your butt.

There’s a lot of incorrect information regarding buttock exercises. I’d like to provide you with the truth on which exercises for glutes are best to get a rounder butt. I’ll take you through the most popular misconceptions and myths, and I’ll then offer my professional opinions on which exercises will work the best.

Glute Building Nutrition for making buttocks grow bigger

It’s not worth looking at exercises that strengthen and form your glutes if we do not first address your nutrition. Protein and calories are essential for muscle building, so in order to transform square glutes into round butts, it is necessary to consume food.

But, what should you take your food choices, what foods to consume, and how much should you consume in order to maintain the nutrients and health to build muscles in the butt? If you’re curious, take a look at our article on the best food choices to build muscles in the butt.

Step-by-step on how to get a bubble butt

Step One: Bigger Butt Diet

It is essential to create more calories with high protein diets to build up new muscle. I suggest working your glutes at least 3 to 4 times every week for a minimum of 3 months to notice any changes in the shape and size of your glutes. However, to truly be a good parasite could be a long-term problem that requires years of steady effort and work.

Don’t forget that if your diet isn’t healthy consume food, you will not grow and the form of your glutes won’t change.

Step two: Fat loss with a healthy diet phase

This is the phase of fat loss when you’ve built your glutes up to a size and shape you’re comfortable with, it’s time to consider ways to combat your muffin-top.

The process of losing fat requires a reduction in calories and an energizing diet that is high in protein to reduce fat and maintain muscles.

Through a balanced diet, weight training, and moderate aerobic exercise it is possible to burn off fat around the upper region of our glutes (along with the rest of our body, since you aren’t able to lose fat in a single session). ) to decrease the squareness and strengthen the buttocks. You were trying to achieve the shape you’re looking to achieve.

Based on the point you started from depending on your starting point, you might need to follow a strict regimen for anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks longer, based on your physique (it is very different).

I suggest a slow approach, using an unintentionally low loss of calories of 10% in order to build as much strength and muscle as you can.

In both the butt-building phase as well as the phase of fat loss the way you train should be the same

  • The correct exercises to strengthen the glutes
  • Begin slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

Keep your strength levels up (if it feels weaker or less strong, it’s because you are eating too much and won’t be able to workout)

How to make your butt rounder in just 2 weeks?

It would be so easy to take a magic pill and lost weight within one week! However, there is no easy way to do it in the world. The ability to make your butt larger with no exercise isn’t possible. However, the good news is that it’s possible! If you’re motivated and have a bit of motivation, anyone can accomplish it!

Your nutrition post-workout during recovery. Why is it important? After intense exercise, your glutes are in recovery mode. Choosing the appropriate quantity of food and the kind of food you consume to make sure that your butt is toned and large is crucial.

It is often said that we are the food we consume. If you’re dreaming of a round butt do you need to consume coconut?

But not really. For the perfect butt eating the right food is as crucial as working out! You’ll know what to consume and what exercises to perform to achieve the results you desire!

How do you increase the size of your butt and make it larger and your hips broader?

We have some excellent tips in this video that can aid you in building a toned butt and improve your fitness quickly! You’ll be aware of what you need to consume and the exercises you should complete to get the results you desire!

Exercises For Rounder Glutes

These muscles drive your legs. Exercising is an excellent method of making them more powerful. Squats, lunges, deadlifts . . . These exercises are excellent for sculpting and toning your glutes.

However, if you’re looking to achieve the most effective outcomes from your workout There’s a factor that is often ignored that is the weight lifted.

A lot of women struggle with flabby, saggy, and flat-looking glutes. But the good news is that it’s entirely feasible to alter your body’s shape and it’s not much time or cash.

To lift your bum, you need to train all glute muscles from every angle, and, for those with square-shaped glutes, our focus should be on the gluteus medius, the lateral muscles which rest higher on your bum and are closer to your waistline and are accountable for the abduction of your leg.

Your most-used lifts will be your top priority regardless of what you’d like your glutes to look like. Here are the essentials you require:

  •  Hip Thrusts: Barbell, Single leg, Foot Elevated, Banded, Machine.
  •  Glute Bridges: Single-leg, Banded, Barbell.
  •  Deadlifts: Romanian, Conventional, Sumo.
  •  Squats: Sumo, Goblet, Back, Front, Split. Check out this post on what muscles do squats work
  •  Lunges: Deficit, Static, Walking.
  •  Abductions: Fire hydrants, Machine, German, Cable, etc.

Exercises for the Upper Glutes (Glute Medius)

The gluteal muscles, often called glutes are a group of three muscles that make up the gluteal region commonly known as the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and glute minimus. The three muscles originate from the ilium and sacrum and insert into the femur.

Gluteus medius is a large, fan-shaped muscle that is located within the hip’s posterior region that extends beyond its muscle’s ilium up to the superior femur. Along with the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and the Tensor Fasciae Latae muscle, it is part of the gluteal muscles region.

Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Maximus muscles

The butt muscles: Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Maximus muscles

A healthy gluteus medius muscle sculpts lifts and gives the body a cushion against back pain. Thus, exercises that strengthen these muscles are essential to ensure pain-free and healthy living, not only having a round bum.

The gluteus medius is a muscle that runs across the sides of your glutes as well as the outside of your thighs (see the image above) and can be challenging to focus on with squats or deadlifts.

Take a look at this article that will give you all the information you must be aware of about the glute muscles. To truly build your upper glutes, we must do exercises that target those muscles, the gluteus medius. The most efficient and quickest method to begin is to do the Extra Range Side-Lying Hip Abduction

The Extra-Range Side-Lying Hip Abduction

With a bench that is weighted put your elbow just beneath your shoulder. Bend your knee, then put your knee on the bench. Your hips should be lifted up into the air, forming the side plank position. then straighten the upper leg.

The practice of sides-sitting hip abductions (or leg raises) on the floor is an effective method to build your glute muscles on the lateral side that are crucial knee stabilizers. They can also assist in rounding out the overall development of your butt.

It is possible to make this more difficult by using ankle bands, weights or cables but they’re very hot by themselves. Make sure you keep your hips in a forward direction Don’t allow the top of your hip to rotate externally or you’ll not focus on your gluteus medius muscle equally effectively.

Hip Abductor Machine

If your gym is equipped with one (which practically every gym does) it is an excellent tool when performed correctly to target the gluteus medius muscle and aid in lifting the glutes to make them appear more round.

We suggest doing this machine by pausing repetitions, where you must hold your legs in a position for 1-3 seconds in front of the weight in order to get that glute pump as well as the insane burn.

In addition among other things, among other things, your hip abductor muscles aid you in walking or running, participating in sports or dancing, getting in and out of cars, and also getting on and off of bicycles.

Abduction of the hip exercises won’t just assist you in getting a strong and toned back, but they also assist in helping alleviate and treat hip pain. This Hip abductor apparatus was created to help strengthen the hip abductors and glutes.

Abduction exercises for hips are generally performed using an abduction machine for hips that let people do different exercises that allow the hip abductors to move in all directions and help strengthen the muscles. Leg muscles are also involved in these exercises as well.

The hip abductor machine was created to strengthen the glutes and hip abductors. It means it could help in increasing the size of your glutes when you do regular and diverse butt and lower body exercises.

Exercises for hip abduction work tiny muscles that are located in your butt and hips. With repetition and various work levels, you’re more likely to feel muscles become tighter and more toned. But, with the correct diet, you will certainly develop muscles.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants sometimes referred to as quadruple hip abductions, are a form of exercise that is performed using body weight. They are primarily designed to work the gluteus maximus muscle, however certain variations also target the core. When used regularly fire hydrants can shape your glutes, ease back pain, and decrease the chance of injuries.

It’s a great addition move to do on a leg day as it targets your hip abductors, particularly the gluteus medius as well as gluteus minimus, which are the less-known (and difficult to access) neighbors to the gluteus maximus. the largest glute muscle.

These exercises target your hips, thighs, and sides buttocks. Make sure you ensure that your weight is evenly distributed between your knees and hands. To make the exercise more challenging it is possible to place the dumbbell on your knee. Begin on all fours the same way in the same way as you would with the Cat-Cow position.

It is a great way to add to your glute activation routine or as a way to finish your workout, the fire hydrant can be an excellent exercise that targets the gluteus medius muscle and get those glutes pumping to build the rounder glutes.

Glute Dominant Back Extension

Since the hamstring runs across the knee joint and the glute-ham rises puts more strain on the hamstring than that on the lower back. Back extension, as its name suggests, targets the spinal erectors that are greater than the primary glute-ham raise because of the knee being fixed and the slight extension and flexion of the spinal column that happen during the move.
One of my favorites exercises that target the hamstrings and glutes includes the Glute Dominant back Extension. By hitting the hamstrings, to lift and shape your lower glutes, this exercise will also target the gluteus medius as well as of course, the glute max.

It is essential to concentrate on rounding your upper back by tucking your chin in and pulling using your glutes, not your back. I also like the penguin stance (heels with feet pointed out) is really a great way to hit the glutes!

Cable Standing Hip Abduction

This is an excellent alternative to Extra Range Side-Lying the hip Abduction and Abduction machine. It is important that you keep your weight low to allow you to concentrate on working the muscle, instead of trying to push the weight up in a bad way.

This single-joint workout strengthens and stabilizes the hips and the core by focusing on the areas inside the legs and hips. Particularly, standing hip abduction is aimed at specifically the hip abductor muscle that is located just to the left of the hips. This exercise can help increase the strength and stability of the hip muscles during exercising or walking.

Standing tall, with your one shoulder in front of the cable machine, and your legs approximately shoulder-width apart. An ankle strap should be placed on the ankle closest to the machine. Set your hands on your hips while your other hand is placed on the cable machine.

Lift the leg that is weighted laterally to the highest point you can. Stop and then reverse the motion to return to the starting point.

  • Be careful not to bend forward at your core during the motion. Instead maintain your chest high and only move your hip.
  • Do not lean between one side and the other side during the exercise. Keep your upper body still all the duration.
  • Do a glute squeeze to the top of your movement before you lower your leg to return to its starting position.


It isn’t the complete list. However, they’re fantastic choices to include in your glute exercises If you have glutes that are square and want to increase the size and shape so that they give them a rounder appearance.

But remember, you can’t change your glutes completely. Your genes gave you the shape of your glutes, and all that we have to do is work to improve what you already have and to appreciate what you’ve got.

Remember that your glutes can have an enormous impact on your fitness and preventive measures against injuries. If you’re susceptible to injuries, training your glutes is a requirement.

Achieving a healthy and beautiful appearance, being active, and having a healthy physique will enhance your overall health and wellbeing, not only your appearance.


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