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An Overview of Nose Piercings: Cost, Pain, Meaning, Types, AfterCare

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Nose piercing refers to the process of piercing the cartilage or skin which makes up any portion of your nose. It is usually to be used for wearing jewelry, also known as a nasal jewel. Of the various types of nose piercings perforation is the most well-known.

Ear piercing, facial piercing, and nose piercing are 3 of the most popular types of body piercings. While ear piercings are considered popular for a long time, nose piercing has only become quite popular in European countries, the US, and Canada in the 1960s and 1970s.

No matter if you opt for a subtle nostril sparkle or an eye-catching septum ring A nose piercing could completely change the look of your appearance. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a nose-piercing is the amount of creativity available in arranging. Nose piercings can be one of the most simple to manage in terms of the healing process and pain as well.

What You Should Know About Nose Piercing

Nose Piercings come in different variations on different locations on the nose.

Nose Piercings come in different variations on different locations on the nose.

Position: The cartilaginous structure that surrounds the nostril is the most commonly used location for a nose perforation. Some nose piercings can be done through the columella. It is a cartilaginous structure that separates the left and right sides of the nose.

The procedure is referred to as septum puncturing. Piercings can also be performed in the eye of the third as well as the bridge of the nose.

Cost: Between $30 and $100 for a nose piercing, and the jewelry comes at a separate expense.

Pain level: 3/10

The healing time is a complete recovery time after a nose piercing usually between four and six months.

Aftercare: Wash the area using a sterile solution of saline to avoid scabbing and promote healing.

  • Nose Piercings Are Not as Painful As Expected
  • Nose Piercings Require Thorough Aftercare
  • When You Have Your Nose Perforated, You’ll have to halt Certain Regular activities: Swimming, applying makeup, participating in contact sports, blowing your nose ousting your nostrils …
  • Some Nose Piercing Metals Can Cause Piercing Rejection
  • Nose Piercings could cause permanent Damage: Nerve damage and necrosis of the nasal wall.

Some say that men should be the only ones to be pierced with their noses on the right, and women should be left (and sometimes, the other opposite depending on the person telling you) There is actually no justification to favor either side over the other. It’s all about personal the individual’s preference.

Nose piercing meaning

Nose perforation is a technique for body piercing that involves cutting through the cartilage in the nose as well as the skin. Depending on the area you’re piercing be able to traverse through cartilage or through the skin. When we talk about nose piercing, the majority of people imagine nostril piercings, however, you can also pierce areas that are part of your nose.

Nose rings are a fashion statement, but they are thought to have a greater significance for many. Piercings on the nose are an expression of strong personalities.

It is a piece of jewelry that’s worn on the nose, regardless of whether it’s placed on the bridge, septum, or nostrils. That’s why we say that we have various kinds of nose rings. What does this mean for diverse people from all over the world?

In Hindu custom, the wearing of jewelry on the nose was thought to indicate that the bride has been taken. The jewels are worn to either end of their nose according to the place where the bride comes from. While this culture is gradually disappearing, we have those who cherish it with great affection.

In nations like India and Pakistan, the majority of women about getting married are more likely to have a piercing of the nose on the right side rather than the left. No matter which side you decide to go with, the piercing of your nose, generally represents the power of wealth, wealth, as well as rebelliousness.

Sometimes, men will present women with a nose-ring as an indication of financial security when they are divorced or are widowed at any time.

Rings were sometimes used as a type of dowry payment as well as an old custom that we use throughout parts of the Middle East and parts of Africa.

The tradition of gifting brides with an earring for the day of her wedding is still practiced across the Middle East, Africa, and India. In these regions of the world wearing the nose ring usually meant it was a sign of marriage and, as a wedding ring today the bride will never take off the ring on her nose.

Types Of Nose Piercings

Nose Piercings is the second most common type of piercing after the earlobe piercing

Nose Piercings are the second most common type of piercing after the earlobe piercing

Traditionally, this type of jewelry for the body was believed to belong to Indian or Southeast Asian culture, but in recent times it’s making its way to the general population.

The nose stud has become more accepted and popular today and if you’re looking to add a unique and feminine look to your appearance check out this article to discover the various types of nose piercings you can choose from.

There is more than one kind of nose perforation. Most nose piercings happen via the nasal ala or the cartilaginous structure which is a part of the nostril.

Certain are found through the columella, the skin layer that protects the nasal septum as well as another cartilaginous tissue that divides the left and right side of the nose. It is called the septum.

The bridge and third eye are set alongside the nose which is pierced.

Have fun and be imaginative about the nose’s anatomy when piercing. The piercer will put tiny dots on your nose, which will indicate where the needle is placed.

Make the most of this chance to see if you love the look of the design. If you are planning to wear rings, you can test the placement prior to the actual piercing with fake hoop nose rings.

Below are the various types of nose perforation.


The nose is the preferred option for a ring on your nose. It can be placed on either side of the nose, however, be conscious that the position you choose to pierce is likely to impact your reproductive organs in the case of a female.

We must talk about this nostril piercing as the most popular of all. While it was first introduced in the Middle East today, people all over the world have adopted the practice.

Based on the Ayurveda tradition that the jewelry on one side is believed to help to control menstrual pain which makes it simple to envision.

Certain Ayurveda experts believe piercings can help facilitate birth. In this regard, you must choose the nose ring, which ranges between 18 and 20 gauges.

You can, however, choose to pierce your side on any side you like. Nostril piercing offers a broad selection of jewelry to pick from.

High Nostril

If you select this distinctive design, you’ll get your nostrils pierced just a bit higher than the nasal variant. This style allows for the use of delicate rings to create a greater appearance.

It is an original yet traditional method of piercing the nose. It is also different in comparison to the nostril piercing.

The piercing occurs slightly higher, generally on the curvature of the nostril. The place where the stud is pierced is larger than the portion of the nostril that is piercing.

It is sometimes difficult to reach and requires an experienced piercer to avoid problems. The possibilities of jewelry to use in this type of piercing are very limited because of the thickness of the flesh.

Septum (Bull) piercing

This particular piercing is very popular in recent times because it’s removable and you can alter the piercing whenever you want.

Today, this is one of the most fashionable options for piercings thanks to famous people. It’s a more intricate type of piercing that must only do with experienced personnel. The septum is where you will pierce your septum.

The ring must not pass through the cartilage. It should sit in the middle between the front of your nasal bone and in front of the cartilage, which is called the sweet place.

After a piercing, the piercers put on an earring. It’s usually the horseshoe rings. The benefit of the septum jewel lies in the fact that it can turn it inside out in case you don’t want it to be seen.


It’s a difficult place to have the piercing done and the procedure is very complex and requires top quality and experienced piercer.

Piercing of the bridge earl

The piercing could appear at times a little scary because there are cartilage and bones. But, there’s no need to worry as the needle is pierced through the skin.

Piercers are always used to pierce nasal bridges. At first glance, the jewelry might appear like it has punctured cartilage and bones in the nasal area. The needle passes through the skin’s surface and, as such, no harm is done.

Nasallang piercing

You have to be an individual in order to take on this complex process. A lot of piercers especially beginners aren’t willing to do the piercing technique, therefore you need to find an experienced master.

The patient will have to pass through the septum as well as both nostrils to complete this tri-nasal piercing.

Nasallang perforation is the most challenging procedure to perform. The jewels need to go through both nostrils as well as the nasal septum simultaneously. It requires a skilled expert to perform the task safely. At first, it could appear easy. One needle is all that goes through the nose.

With Nasallang piercings, you will not have many jewels to choose from. Straight barbell rings are the most frequently used.

But don’t fret as long as you take care of the piercing it could take between 4 and six months for healing.

Austin bar Piercing

It’s almost like it’s a Nasallang piercing, but the main difference is the fact that the septum does not involve in the piercing. Austin bar piercings are an extremely rare and unique kind.

It is necessary to perform horizontally piercing using the jewelry passing through the fleshes of the tip of your nose. It’s not a dangerous method of piercing. It can take up to three months to recover. It is recommended to wear jewelry made of barbells.

Vertical tip Piercing

It’s also known as rhino perforation. The nose ring is vertically positioned from the top of the nose to between your nostrils. The ring that is used is visible from between and above the nostrils’ tips. The place of this kind of piercing causes the process of piercing uncomfortable.

It is more difficult to heal due to the depth of the ring by piercing the tissues of the nose.

Barbell rings with curves work well for this kind of perforation. Straight bars are also possible however they must be able to bend as the straight ones could cause problems.

It’s not the usual location for piercings since your veins and your nose have to be in harmony with this design. It is, in essence, a lengthy, complex, and expensive process which requires a lot of patience.

Triple nose piercing

Triple nose piercing isn’t an extremely popular form of piercing, however, it does add a sense of elegance when it is done.

It is a matter of care because a small error could cause damage to the nerves in the nose. Most often, it is a triangular shape.

It is possible to place two earrings on one side of the nose and put the remaining one on the other side. It’s based on the preferences and tastes of the person who is in the discussion.

Pain and Healing Time

You’ll feel some pain after the nose is pierced. You might experience some swelling, blood, tenderness, or bruises at first. It could be painful red, tender, and tender for up to three weeks. Nasal piercings heal completely after around two to four months.

As with any other piercing, there is some discomfort when you pierce your nose. But, when professionals do a nostril piercing there is no pain.

Cleaning the nose after a piercing the first time may be difficult since the area will be sore and tender. Yet, cleaning the piercing site can help ease the pain and lessen swelling and pain. It is recommended by experts to clean a nose piercing at least twice per day until it is healed completely.

A lot of people believe that repeated piercings are much less pain-free than the initial time. Be aware that fleshy areas like the lobes tend to be less painful than those with more cartilage, like the helix.

A septum puncturing (the tissues between your nostrils) may cause pain for a brief period, but is quickly healed due to the fact that it is thin. If you have an unnatural septum or similar issue, this type of piercing may hurt more due to the fact that the septum nerves could be hyperactive.

Although nose piercings are not uncommon, getting one comes with the possibility of infection, especially if the piercing has just been made and is healing. It’s crucial to address the piercing that is infected when you first notice it.

Everyone has a unique threshold of pain in relation to body alteration of the nose, piercings for the nose are often typically associated with little discomfort. The best way to judge it is somewhere between 3 and 4 on a scale from one to 10.

Many piercers agree the earlobe, as well as navel piercings, can be considered to be the least uncomfortable form of piercing due to the fact that they are placed on a fleshy and easy-to-pierce area of skin.

The majority of piercings for the mouth such as eyebrow piercings, eyebrow piercings, and navel piercings too are quite small on the pain scale due to similar reasons.

At some point, the eyes may appear to be watering, but it’s because the nose bone is linked with your eyes bones. In other circumstances, it may appear to be an ache. You should feel the sensation of a squishy bump immediately after the puncturing.

After a few days, the discomfort should ease unless you catch it on something such as your T-shirt or washcloth Be extra aware of your facial. Be careful not to put it off for too long while fiddling with a new piercing could be tempting, but could hinder healing.

Check that the skin around it is normal. Clean any bloody or dry crust using an abrasive swipe. If there are any issues you should not hesitate to speak to your doctor! Here are some possible issues that could happen that are normal. It’s common for a new piercing to leak a bit during the first few days or weeks.

The crust will be yellow and gold-colored. will develop around the piercing. This is a sign of the possibility when you pierce. To treat any yellow-colored discharges you may be confronted with, don’t scratch it. Instead, apply a saline solution.

Nose piercing cost

Nose piercings have two costs: one for the piercing process and one for the jewelry.

Nose piercings have two costs: one for the piercing process and one for the jewelry.

A nose piercing costs somewhere between $15 and $55 for the procedure, even though jewelry will be a separate expense. If you include jewelry, the price of a nose piercing package will range from $30-$90. Check out reviews to select an experienced piercer at an establishment one that’s “hygienic and safe”.

The cost for nose piercings will be more expensive when you select an item of jewelry that has gems, or if the jewelry you pick is constructed of gold 18k/14k.

To determine the exact cost it is recommended that you visit the shop to see the range and jewelry on display and decide which piece you’d like to put for your piercing.

Safe Types of Jewelry

The typical size of an earring for a nose, twenty gauge jewelry is the one you’ll see most hoops and nose studs in. It’s the smallest in the gauge of body jewelry typically used in comparison to other jewelry for the body like the belly button piercings and earrings.

Ideally, L-shaped nose rings are considered the most desirable because they are simple to put on and take off, and they are stylish too!

These metals are typically employed for nose piercings. They are known for their ability to reduce irritation, inflammation, and discomfort.

  • Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS)
  • Titanium
  • Niobium
  • Gold

Metals with specific types to stay clear of

  • Sterling Silver
  • Plastic and Nylon
  • Plated-metals

The most sought-after style of nose ring can be described as surgical stainless steel. The reason it’s so sought-after is that it’s non-allergenic, inexpensive, and is a safe choice to heal from the piercing of your nose.

Titanium is among the most effective metals to heal the re-piercing of your nostril. The majority of jewelry available for piercings is made from metals that many sufferers are susceptible to allergies or be uncomfortable with. The investment you make is worth every penny you make to your face, and especially.

Nose Piercing Aftercare

Cold compresses or ice can help to decrease swelling and stop bleeding. Produces a yellowish-white fluid that can dry around the area of the piercing. This is normal and will disappear when the piercing heals. Don’t pick it using your fingers!

To avoid the formation of a large scab We recommend using the saline solution for a couple of weeks following your surgery.

A skin-piercing or other injury is prone to infection since the skin’s barrier is damaged which means that it is inside the nasal mucous-like membrane, and it is susceptible to infections.

The medication you take should be discussed. To reduce bleeding, it’s suggested to avoid aspirin for one week prior to the piercing as well as other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen) for at least one day prior to getting them pierced, and for seven days following.

The nose’s inside is a humid, warm space where bacteria can flourish. The best solution is white vinegar, which is known for its antibacterial qualities, mixed with water to help reduce the smell.

The area surrounding the piercing area is warm to the touch. there are a lot of streaks of red or red that protrude from it. Additionally, it appears discolored, usually with a brown or green tint.

The usual effects of inflammation that come from a nose piercing are the appearance of redness, swelling, and discomfort. To treat, use an ice pack and treat inflammation using Ibuprofen.

The removal of your jewelry can make it easier for the piercing site to close and hold harmful bacteria within the piercing location. This could lead to an infection that is more serious. It is recommended to see your piercer as quickly as you can. They’ll give professional advice regarding your symptoms and offer guidance on the best treatment.

If the swelling doesn’t disappear within a few days, or if it gets worse in the meantime, it could be an indication of infection or a foreign body reaction, which means the body rejecting the new piercing In this instance you need medical assistance.

If there is an eruption of acne adjacent to the piercing site, acne medications is safe however be aware. Make use of a mild cleanser and be cautious when applying spots treatments using salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide to piercings that are fresh, since they’re more vulnerable to burning or burning.

It may be a few weeks before you recover from a nose piercing however, you should notice an improvement in 2 or 3 days after treatment. If not, consult your piercer. The piercer is the ideal person to determine the severity of your problem and offer advice on how to treat your specific problem.

It is recommended to use an acne dot or “small circle of hydrocolloid to dry out pimples” in the event that you get a breakout in the vicinity of the new nose perforating.

Although there aren’t any specific food items you should eat after having the piercing of your nose It is essential to stay away from drinks and foods that are spicy. These kinds of foods can cause discomfort to the new ring on your nose or studs and cause irritation when chewing them

To conceal your piercings on your nose, use a blister bandage to cover up the area. Apply concealer to the piercing. Then, apply the foundation and concealer over it, and other areas of the face to ensure all of your makeup blends.

Health Concerns & Safety

It’s true that any nose size is beautiful by using the right nose piercing. If it’s a septum or a nose piercing, it’s your choice to express yourself however you’d like to even if you don’t have a huge nose. The piercing of your nose can be a beautiful way to decorate it and make it more noticeable.

It’s not advised as, even if the procedure is done in a safe manner there is always the possibility that infection at the site of the piercing can develop and be transmitted to your bloodstream. This poses an issue for your baby because their immune system is insufficient to fight the infection.

The right age for nose piercing will depend on the particular person. We believe that anyone who is 14 is not the right age to contemplate having the procedure done. The age of 16 or more is the ideal time to discuss it if the topic is brought up.

If you are having a piercing, your period can increase the chance of swelling, pain, and infection. You may also want to think about having your piercing done after you have had your period and delay it until after a trip or in a stressful situation.

The nose pin can be placed on either left side. But, females should put on a nose pin on their left side because it is linked with the reproductive system. There are a lot of nerves that are located near the nostrils’ openings.

Piercings are less permanent than tattoos It’s perfectly fine for those who only need an earring that you can wear for a few years. After you get it removed the tiny hole could appear for a few months but the hole will disappear at some point.

Side Effects of a Nose Piercing

Individuals with sensitive or reactive skin conditions should discuss their concerns with their body modification specialist during the consultation phase of the appointment. The choice of piercings made of more inert substances can lower the chance of having a reaction.

It is important to stay clear of soft metals as they may be absorbed by the skin, releasing tiny particles that can stain the skin. Choosing a piece of jewelry that is easily removed in the event of a need is also a good option.

Health Concerns

Piercing your nose can be risky. Your nose is situated in the so-called risk triangle of your face. It’s the region between your eyebrows as well as your upper lip. The veins that line this area are linked to the sinus cavity. Any treatment you perform on this area of your face can cause serious infections.

It is also possible that you are more likely to develop:

Disease: Bacteria that line the inside of your nose could result in an illness. Also, viruses like HIV and hepatitis B or C or tetanus arising in equipment that is not sterilized properly could be absorbed into the bloodstream of your body.

Bleeding: Every piercing can cause bleeding. A septum piercing could be more bleeding than pierced nasal passages. There is also the possibility of forming hemorrhoids, a swelling bump that may develop a bacterial infection or be able to disfigure the face.

Jewelry that is loose: Nose rings or backs of studs may loosen or move in your hole. If this occurs, you may take a breath or swallow the small metal pieces. The backs of studs or studs could get caught inside your nasal lining.

Allergy reaction: It is possible that you are allergic to metallic components in the nose pieces you wear.

Nerve injury: Nose piercing may harm a nerve, causing numbness, or discomfort.

Scarring Keloids: which are fibrous lumps that may form. If your bump on your nose stems due to a keloid you must take the piercing off immediately. This can help reduce the body’s overly aggressive healing process. Keloids generally do not disappear by themselves So you’ll need to visit your doctor to get them treated.

A keloid that is surrounded by the piercing may appear as a raised, round bump that appears darker than the skin surrounding it. It could cause itching, pain, or tenderness. It will also be firm to the touch. Granulomas can develop as our immune system attempts to fight things it believes could cause harm to the body.
Also, you can check out some tips from Kristin in this video on how to get rid of keloid nose piercing bumps.


Did you know that, in the US, every state has its own protocol to follow in relation to procedures for body modification, which is available on their Department of Health websites? For example, the state of Florida has a whole page about the Body Piercing Program

Nose piercing is also a form of body modification and is considered a component of Body Piercing. Those who perform piercings must be trained and licensed.

We recommend that you have your nose piercing done in a licensed facility and performed by skilled and trained piercers. Do not attempt it yourself, or let someone else take care of it.

Be sure that the person performing the piercing adheres to these safety procedures:

  • Check if you are suffering from any health issues or be pregnant.
  • Make use of a sterile needle. The needles used for piercing cannot be properly sterilized.
  • Sterilizes the jewelry of the nose on-site using a machine known as an autoclave.
  • The needle package is opened before you.
  • Utilizes gloves that are sterile, and cleans their hands prior to and after the cutting.
  • Cleanse as well as disinfect the area around your nose using alcohol or antiseptic liquid prior to it being punctured.

It gives you clear guidelines regarding how you can clean and take care of the nose that has been pierced. For those who want to pierce their nose by themselves, you can watch Jay’s video


Frequently Asked Questions

What jewelry material is used for a nose piercing?

Metals that are less likely to cause reactions are ideal for piercing, such as titanium alloy and implant-grade steel. Avoid nickel as it is among the most frequent sources of contact dermatitis that causes allergic reactions.

Allergic contact dermatitis manifests as an itchy, red, and scaly rash that is swollen. The best material for jewelry to make a nose piercing is a solid metal like titanium or 14K gold.

What type of jewelry is used for a nose piercing?

If you are considering a stud as your first piercing is the most effective option. It usually causes less stress immediately and can be a little more difficult to use for those who are more inclined to rotate the rings.

You should look for studs that have an emerald between 1.5 millimeters (sparkle) to 3 millimeters (bling).

Press Fit: Two-piece jewelry design in which an empty post is placed onto the side of your nostril. the gemstone is also known as a "top" is then inserted through the hole from below.

This type of piercing is one of the most versatile because the tops can be altered, allowing one to alter their look without removing the part which goes through the perforation.

The L-shape is a nose ring made of an upright bent at 90 degrees.

Nostril Screws Like an L-Shape, nose screws are pieces of jewelry that have been bent or arced to fit the natural curvature that your nostrils have. This unique bend allows the piece to be more secure and comfortable as opposed to a traditional L-Shape.

Pin: A straight post that the piercer can bend into an L-shape that fits your nose. Perfect for those who are unable to find a piercer that is big.

Hoop Nose Rings or Captive Bead Rings: A ball closure hoop, also known as a CBR, or captive bead rings (CBR) that remain in place thanks to a captive ball.

Seamless hoop nose rings A ring that wraps over the nose. Twist it up and down in opposite direction to close and open.

How much does it cost to get your nose pierced at Claire's?

Claire's is one of the top places where you can buy the best piercings and accessories to go with. If you're thinking of getting Claire's nose pierced, it's important to understand the cost before you decide.

Claire's nose and ear piercings are free if you buy the starter kit they offer. It also includes a post-piercing care lotion that will help you take care of your piercing once it's done. However, at Claire's, keep in mind that there is an additional fee for each ear cartilage piercing. The same can happen with a nose piercing.

Claire uses a gun to pierce, and this is something you need to consider. Claire's nose piercing is a popular choice there. You can also use other types of piercings they provide. The store provides all kinds of ear tips and cartilage piercings that will bring you the best solutions.

Depending on the type of earrings and the solution you receive, you will not be charged for the piercing action. The most basic earrings are either stainless steel or titanium balls, and with a standard cleaning solution, they will cost about $20, if you want to do it fast then $31.99.

How much does a nose piercing cost in Florida?

A nostril piercing in Orlando city, Florida starts around $40 for a basic piercing and up to $40 for jewelry. A septum piercing starts a little higher at $45 and could be up to about $90. You should leave a 5–15% tip for studio piercers.

How much does a nose piercing cost in California?

A nostril piercing in California starts around $30 for a basic piercing and around $20 for jewelry. A septum piercing starts a little higher at $40 and goes up to about $60. A total cost of a nose piercing in California should be around $60+ tax (including tips for studio piercers).

How much does a nose piercing cost in Texas?

A nose piercing in Texas starts around $35 for a basic piercing and $38 + tax for jewelry. A septum piercing starts a little higher at $41 + tax and goes up to about $120. It's also customary to leave a 10% tip for studio piercers. But remember, in Texas, clients much be 18 years of age (unless they have consent from the minor's parent, guardian, or managing conservator) to get a nose piercing

How much does a nose piercing cost in Ohio?

A piercing in Ohio cost around $35 for a basic piercing and around $38 + tax for jewelry. A septum piercing starts at $35 and goes up to about $65 + tax (including jewelry). A total cost of a nose piercing in Ohio should be around $80+ tax (including tips for studio piercers).

How much is a nose piercing at a tattoo shop?

The price of a nose piercing at the tattoo parlor will range from $25 to $95. This is the price including jewelry, tips for piercers, and piercing. Note that this is the price for jewelry with common materials such as Surgical Stainless Steel or Titanium. Prices do not include expensive materials such as gold or other precious stones.

How to get rid of a nose piercing bump?

When you get a nose ring there may be a bump at the location of the perforation.

An elevated area around the piercing could result from:

  • Tissue injury when the piercing is knocked off or removed too soon
  • Infection in the event that the piercing has been done in unsanitary conditions, or is not maintained clean
  • Reactions to allergic substances in the jewelry
  • A trapped fluid that forms the appearance of a bump or lump
  • A keloid is a kind of scar that is raised
  • A granuloma, also known as a granuloma an inflamed tissue, which usually manifests as a reddish, raised spot
Keloids are not common and should be evaluated and managed by a dermatologist or dermatologist.

A keloid that is surrounded by the piercing may appear as an oval, raised bump that appears darker than the skin surrounding it. It could cause itching, pain, or tenderness, and may appear firm and firm.

The most effective method to get rid of a nose-piercing bump is to understand what caused it. Learn more about solutions at home that could help.

  • A proper aftercare routine can prevent the tissue from being damaged or an infection that may result in bumps.
  • If jewelry causes allergies, the item must be substituted with hypoallergenic jewelry that does not cause reactions to the body.
  • A solution of sea salt is a safe method for keeping the area spotless and aid in healing and lessens the amount of swelling creating a visible bump.
  • Some piercers suggest applying tea tree oil to shrink and dehydrate the piercing bump. While there aren't many studies available regarding the efficacy of using tea tree oils the oil is safe for the majority of users to apply directly to the surface.
  • The trapped fluid beneath the skin may cause a bump however heat and pressure assist in draining it gradually.
Check out this video to know more about how to get rid of a keloid on a nose piercing.


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