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Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

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As an aphrodisiac or for medical purposes, cayenne pepper has become very popular these days – as has cayenne pepper healing become a respected method to improve body health. And I have to admit – even before I learned about the health benefits, I was a fan. The hotter my food, the more I enjoy it. Hence I tend to not only use this particular spice, but several varieties of peppers. Habaneros and Jalapeno peppers are my favorite… Adding Jalapeno peppers or Habaneros to top off a salad is great!

There are quite a few benefactors with red peppers. They are said to boost metabolism, regulate blood sugars, break down carbohydrates, and help those of us who want to lose weight. Ever heard of the cayenne pepper diet? It is one of the most  powerful antioxidants we have available to us.

Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper helps to eliminate mucus in the urogenital area and provides better circulation by dilating blood vessels, increasing the blood flow to major organs throughout the body. This happens because the health benefits of cayenne pepper prevent platelets from clumping together and accumulating in the blood stream. So we know this is a powerful anticoagulant; is most important to the natural flow of blood.

This would be particularly helpful to people who are elderly, or who may have suffered from a stroke or nerve damage due to diabetes. Cayenne pepper also helps with healing those who have been experiencing cold hands or feet. So basically, it acts like somewhat like a blood thinner. Studies have proven that it helps control mild cases of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The Cayenne Pepper Diet

Cayenne pepper stimulates the digestive system and helps restore deficient digestive secretions. It also helps with the absorption of food nutrients. This is very beneficial with older people, as age tends to decline the need for acids, and can create an unhealthy digestive system. Cayenne also can raise the body temperature because of its stimulating effect on the circulation and blood flow to the skin.

Does Cayenne Heal Cellulite, Too?

I have not read this, but I have to wonder if cayenne pepper and herbs that promote a sweat inducing action would help in the fight against cellulite. Wishful thinking on my part, maybe, but good circulation in the skin cells – I would think would help!. A cream made from this herb helps relieve the itchiness and inflamed areas affected with the skin condition, called psoriasis. As a diaphoretic, cayenne pepper is also good for healing the sinus passages. It also helps reduce fever and congestion of sinus infections – and colds.

Because of the strong effects on the circulatory system, cayenne pepper is believed to augment the male sex drive. Resulting in longer erections and orgasms. Now that’s what I call a natural aphrodisiac!

Another interesting fact is that people who are victims of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis have gotten relief from the joint and muscle ache by rubbing the areas with a cayenne oil made right in your home. Even athletes use this homemade medicine on sore muscles. I suggest you make up some for these cases and keep it on hand. The healing benefits of cayene pepper need about two weeks to become potent enough anyway – to do the job on sore and achy muscles.

Cayenne Pepper Healing Oil

Here is a quick recipe for a do-it-yourself cayenne pepper healing oil:

  1. 1/4 cups of cayenne pepper powder
  2. 1/2 cups olive oil

Combine the two ingredient’s in a jar and wash hands thoroughly after using – and do avoid eye contact.

As for holistic medical purposes, the most effective ingredient in cayenne peppers is capsaicin; which decreases inflammation. The hotter the pepper; the more capsaicin it contains. Not only has it been proven to be an anticoagulant and powerful antioxidant; it is also packed with lots of vitamins C, A, B6, K and Manganese.

A brief history of the cayenne stems back to Mexico and South America, where they were grown for food and medicine for thousands of years. They actually would eat them off the plants, as one might pick the biggest juiciest berry and pop it into their mouth.

The earliest documentation of the cayenne pepper was in 1493, when Christoper Columbus, upon his return to Europe, took back the cayenne pepper where it was used as a replacement for black pepper (which was very expense at the time). Today, the red pepper is grown all over the world; with Mexico, China and East Africa being the leaders in produce of the pepper.

Some very interesting facts here. Sometimes, simple is best, and I would say that is exactly the case with cayenne pepper, considering all the health benefits it has… Who would have thought?


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