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How to Use Waist Beads For Weight Loss

Women will feel more beautiful and feminine with the help of waist beads. These stunning gemstone waist beads are often handmade and personalized. The ancient tradition of wearing beads has been around for centuries. They were worn by various royalty for body decoration, deification, and decoration.

West Africans, especially Nigerians, were the first to embrace the idea of wearing beads around their waists. Beads have been used for both spiritual and practical reasons over time. Some beads in Africa are anointed with oils.

This practice provides a man with sensory pleasure. Some beads are decorated with bells. This signal is meant to let the man know that a woman wants to have sexual relations. The waist beads have a special significance to Yorubas. It is used as a birth control method, to prevent obesity, and for their healing and therapeutic abilities.

Beads, which can be worn while bathing or sleeping, waist beads, can symbolize sensuality, fertility as well as rites for passage. There are many myths about pregnancy and the Earth’s energies. Some view them as a conduit of positive energy, healing, and good fortune. Some people wear them only for fashion. Some wear them strictly for fashion. Others use them for weight control. If your beads start to look a bit tight, it’s time to stop eating blueberry muffins.

How Waist Beads Can Be Used To Lose Weight

Because it tracks their weight loss progress, many African women use waist beads. You can see the weight loss by placing waist beads lower on your waist. Your waist will also become wider as you gain weight.

Using weight beads can help you keep your weight in check. Maintaining jewelry and wearing it since 1999. She has a flourishing online business and sells beads at art shows around the country.

“By wearing something very beautiful and adorning this area, it is easier to accept your body and appreciate its beauty,” Waist beads can be a great way for women to overcome the unrealistic body images they see in magazines and on runways.

It is best to buy/make beads made with non-stretch string/fabric. This will ensure that the beads are not too tight if you gain weight. As you will be using the beads 24/7, your string must not break or become brittle.

After you have made the waist beads to your satisfaction, tie them above your belly button. If the waist beads become loose and fall to your hip bones, you will know that you have lost weight and/or decreased in size.

You can do this again if you want to lose weight. You can remove the beads from your belly button and tie them again tighter. If the beads are rising up on your body, rather than slipping down, it could be a sign that you are growing in weight.

This is a great way to track your body composition and keep you motivated to continue your wellness journey, even if your weight isn’t changing.

This will remind you that even though your weight isn’t dropping, you are still making healthy changes in your body.

The waist beads can help you to be more aware of your body. For instance, you might notice that certain foods cause you to bloat.

If this happens, you will be able to avoid those foods and instead focus on foods that reduce bloat. The beads can be used to monitor changes in body size or to reduce excess eating if weight loss is your goal.

How do you select the best waist beads to fit your body?

You will love the individuality of waist beads. You can wear as few strands of beads as you want, and they can be worn for any purpose you choose. They can be used to express yourself.

Anita from The Bee Stop recommends that you measure your waist in order to get the right size beads. Do you prefer them high above your waist? At your hips? To your belly button?

Wrap measuring tape or string around your body once you’ve made your choice. If you are using string, mark the ends of the string and then measure the length with a ruler. You should not wrap the tape or string around your body too tight. This will make it snugger than you would expect.

Some waist beads have a permanent finish. The string won’t stretch and there is no clasp to remove the beads. They will stay on your body until they wear out or you remove them.

Some waist beads that can be removed are adjustable or equipped with extender chains. These can be an option for people who wish to keep wearing the same size waist beads without worrying about whether they will fit. Instead, you will find that the beads fit your body.

How to use Waist Beads To Control Weight

To reduce waist size and weight gain, you can use waist beads to help. You will gain weight as the beads tighten. This will allow you to nip weight gain in its tracks before you start struggling to fit into your jeans.

Here are some important things to remember about waist beads and weight control.

Know where your waist beads sit

They should be placed around your stomach, not on your hips if you are looking to lose weight or control your waist. Although they look good on your hips, they don’t do anything for your weight management. It is also important to take off your sexy pants at night

Know when to eat

You may feel the tightness in your waistband on days when you are heavier but it is important not to stop eating. Simply change what you eat.

You should eat foods that help flush your kidneys and make it easier to go to the toilet on a regular basis, such as carrots, celery, juice mixes, etc.

You will lose the extra weight that you feel around your waist. Avoid salty foods as this will cause you to gain more weight than necessary.

Know The Feeling

They are waist beads. You can use your waist beads to attract your lover or to tease them. This is a great exercise for your midsection. You can also contract and expand your stomach throughout the day to strengthen your stomach muscles.

If you sit most of your day, it is a good idea to stand straight up and tighten the waist for five minutes. Then relax for two. This should be done four times. Then, repeat the entire exercise at least three times per day.

All waist beads will fit most body types. Below is a size chart to help you measure your waist and determine the right size. The beads can be made up to 60 inches in length.

  • XS 20-25 Inches
  • S 26-31 inches
  • M 32-37 in
  • L 38-42 Inches
  • XL 43 to 48 inches
  • XXL 49 to 54 inches
  • XXXL 55-60 Inches

You can wear as many waist beads as you want, depending on what purpose they serve.

While exercising, you can also wear waist beads in your shower. While the string may become brittle with excessive water, it will still be strong. Be aware that the beads may change in color depending on the way you wear them.

It is perfectly normal for your waistbands to come off of your body. Do not panic. You can save the beads by tying them back together. Or you might have to buy a new one. Be careful when attaching beads to your body. This will prevent them from easily slipping off.

You have it: Beauty and history come together to give us the ability to define and embrace our curves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do waist beads help you lose weight?

Waist beads can help you lose weight and track your progress. As you lose weight, the beads will fall to your waist. This allows you to clearly see how much weight you have lost. When you gain weight, your waist beads will roll higher.

How long can you wear waist beads?

You can wear your waist beads all day, everyday. You can wear your waist beads all day, every day. If they become dull from the shower, just polish them with a cloth. You can tie them loosely at the beginning, then pull them up like a shirt.

Can I wear waist beads if I'm not African?

Waist beads are not a requirement for Africans. We want to honor the African history of waist beads and give a wider audience an opportunity to learn more about it, make it their own.



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