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The Best Exercises to Superset with the Bench Press

Whether you’re training for strength or building muscle, supersets are your goal. There are many exercises that combine the superset and the bench press. This article will list the 10 best exercises to superset with bench press.

The supersets are also a great way to burn fat and build muscle. The bench press is one of the most important exercises you can do for your upper body, but it’s also one of the more strenuous exercises. It’s important to take care of your joints by properly superset the bench press with other compound movements like pull-ups and dips.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your weightlifting routine, adding supersets can be a great way to get started. Supersets use two exercises that work for opposing muscle groups and allow you to do more work in less time. If you’re planning on performing the bench press exercise, consider adding effective supersets into your routine.

You can combine a variety of exercises with a bench press to get the best superset workout.

The best bench press superset will help you build muscle strength, and endurance, and burn fat. This will allow you to work out quickly and efficiently.

A great pairing of bench presses is one that allows you to do different exercises while simultaneously pressing the bench. This will allow you to burn more calories and work out in a shorter time.

Supersets explained

A superset is a set of 2 exercises performed back-to-back, with a brief rest in between. This doubles your work while allowing you to recover the same amount as when you do individual exercises.

Superset training is a combination of two moves. You do one set, then move on to the next. After resting, you go back to the first exercise. Continue this pattern until you have completed all of the sets.

Supersets are more intense than regular sets, and you get greater muscle activation. Supersets can help you gain muscle strength and growth.

Opposing muscle groups are muscle groups that are “opposite”. Your chest and back, your quads and hamstrings, as well as your triceps and biceps, are all examples of opposing muscle groups. You could, for example, do a chest press and then a back row. Your chest muscles contract during the chest press and your back muscles lengthen to allow contractions to take place.

This will allow the back to work harder and the chest muscles can rest and replenish their energy while you do a back row. This mini recovery will allow your chest muscles to work at the same level the next round. These are some exercises that you can pair up for supersets.

  • Back row and chest press
  • Glute bridge (hamstrings, quads) and front lunge
  • Kickback triceps curls and biceps curls

If you are doing two exercises that are the same, opposite, or unrelated, a superset (or exercise pairing) is the best option. Antagonizing muscles is the best way to do supersets.

The bench press’s prime movers are muscles that push the bar forward, such as the anterior deltoid and triceps, the pectoralis major and minor, the pectoralis principal, and the pectoralis Minor, the anterior deltoid, the triceps, and the serratus anterior.

The antagonist muscles of the bench press are those that help in pulling, such as the posterior deltoids and biceps.

A compound or an agonist superset can also be used to create a superset. This is when you use the same muscle group to perform similarly, but different exercises. This could be the chest fly, paired with the bench press.

These exercises might require you to use your pecs more during the chest fly or the shoulders for the bench press. Both of these muscle groups are still used for the lift.

You can also do a superset using a different muscle group. A bench press and squat pairing could be possible. This method will allow you to complete a full-body workout in a shorter time. This superset is recommended for moderate to advanced exercisers.

Exercises to Superset with Bench Press (Pairings)

Supersets are one of the best ways to ramp up your bench press and build a bigger chest. If you’re looking to add more muscle to your body and you aren’t sure what exercises are best, and which supersets work best, check out this list of exercises to superset with bench press for some ideas.

You can bench press every day if you are trying to improve your technique or break through a plateau. If the lifter is susceptible to injury or cannot train consistently 7 days per week, bench pressing is not recommended.

Romanian Deadlifts

A pairing with a Romanian Deadlift is the first combination bench press exercise. Romanian deadlifts work great for the posterior, while the bench press targets the muscles at the front.

Because you can target multiple muscle groups in a very short time, this bench press superset is great. The Romanian Deadlift will target the hamstrings and glutes as well as the Erector spinae muscles.


The standard row is a great antagonist pair that you can do with your bench press. Get a set of dumbbells ready. After each set of chest presses, get up on the bench and grab your dumbbells.

Then, start rowing. After the bench press, you’ll be able to work your pecs as well as your front delts. Then you can switch over to using the rear delts. Rhomboids and lats will also help.

This superset of bench presses allows you to quickly work your upper body, which will save you a lot of time during your workout.

Chest Fly

The chest fly is one of the supersets for agonist bench presses. After performing a series of chest presses, move to the cables to add chest flies. This will give you a great workout and really work your chest. Between supersets, give your chest some rest and do some jump jacks or jump squats to burn calories.

Reverse Flies

The reverse fly is a great exercise to pair with a dumbbell press or chest fly. The reverse fly can be used with a flat bench dumbbell press or fly. To make it more challenging, you can adjust the angle of the reverse fly to reach your upper, middle, and lower pecs.

Lat pull-downs or Pull-ups

The bench press combined with a pull-up or pull-down is a great combination of push/pull. These exercises use major muscle groups.

They should be done near the beginning of your workouts so that you are fully able to do these difficult lifts. To make these exercises more difficult, you can add chains or bands to each one.

Standing Squats

Standing squats are a great partner for the bench press. After you have completed 1 set of bench presses, get up and grab a plate. Then, go into standing squats. Jump squats can make it more difficult. Squeezing the plate while you squat adds an additional stressor to your chest.

There are many variations of squats and each has a different effect on different muscle groups, read “What Muscles Do Squats Work?” to learn more about the effects squats have on the muscles.


The bench press superset and push-ups are one agonist pairing. You can do as many push-ups as possible by maxing out your bench press.

To add more challenge, you can do push-up jacks, push-up jacks, push-up jacks with a triangle, push-ups, or wide pushups. You can also use push-ups to lose weight.

Planks and sit-ups

Sit-Ups Don't Give You a Six-Pack

It would be wrong to think that just planks or other stand-alone exercises like sit-ups can help you build muscle. In fact, sit-ups can’t get you six-pack abs and a toned muscle. However, if you know how to combine them with other supersets, it’s a different story.

Side planks and planks will strengthen your core. This is essential when bench pressing. A strong core will reduce your chance of injury and allow your muscles to work more efficiently.

Combining the bench press and a plank or sit-up makes a great combination. Do core exercises that include chest, abs, and shoulders. It is easy to roll off the bench, and then go straight into your plank. Mountain climbers and in-and-out abs can make it more difficult.

Bicep curls

The bicep curl is a great antagonist exercise that can be paired with your bench press. It is possible to do multiple exercises at once without feeling fatigued. You can give your chest rest with the bicep curls and vice versa.


Dips are a great exercise to do with the bench press. The dips are a great way to challenge your pecs. This one is a bit more difficult than the others.


Pairing Bench Press with rowing/scapular retractions is a good idea. Chest Flies can be paired with pulldowns. You can get the best results by using a variety of equipment such as dumbbells and dumbbells.

A set of flat bench presses followed by a set of bent-over barbell rows is a classic example. Barbell curls with cable triceps pull downs, shoulder presses with pull-ups and leg curls with leg extensions are all common combinations.

These muscles are called the “push” muscle. These muscles are important because they force resistance away from the body. These muscles are targeted by many exercises, including pushups and bench presses.

Before you decide which exercises to pair with your bench press, you need to first plan your week and set your goals. It will be easier to plan your workouts and ensure you do the right exercises each day. This superset will save you time and help you get a shorter workout.

These exercises can be used to enhance your workouts and complement your bench press.


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