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Beauty Secret: How To Combat Oily Skin!

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So if you didn’t know, I am a sufferer of oily skin. I have combination skin, but find my T-Zone gets extremely oily. I have had a lot of trouble with these oily areas on my face. I have tried quite a lot of products/remedies to help combat this, but none thus far have been effective enough.

As we already know, excessive oil contributes to skin demons(acne). Unfortunately, I am a victim of both, and I know I do not stand alone! If you are suffering from the same problem, you will know it’s pretty hard to keep it under control. HOWEVER, I have a secret weapon which I have re-discovered!

How To Combat Oily Skin!

How To Combat Oily Skin!

I used this ages ago when my mother had suggested it to me after it being recommended to her(She suffers from extremely oily skin more so than me). It sounded bizarre to me at first, as this is something people consume to help upset stomaches. I bet you’re wondering what it is, right?

Using Milk of Magnesia is an effective way to treat oily skin

Using Milk of Magnesia is an effective way to treat oily skin

How To Combat Oily Skin?

Milk Of Magnesia! Otherwise known as MoM. This thing right here it my secret weapon to combatting oily skin. It is great for people who suffer from acne and I’ve heard it can be used as treatment! Ideal for eliminating oil and minimizing pores.

A lot of people use it as a primer, or a face mask. I’ve yet to try that for myself. I just apply this on the most oily areas of my face (Forehead, nose, near my frown lines and chin) after moisturising and continue with my regular makeup routine. Remember, it is still important to moisturise beforehand!

I dab this on using cotton wool, but that can get very annoying as I have leftover wool sticking to my face every time I do it haha. I recently started just using my fingers. I find it very effective. Majority of the time, when you apply this miracle stuff, it will leave a white residue on your skin. Don’t worry though! Just wipe it away with an oil-free cleansing wipe.

I often find whenever I use this, I only have to powder my face once throughout the day. That’s pretty good considering I normally powder it like three times a day! I am loving this product.

You can get this at any superstore, I purchased mine from Asda and they are no more than £5. This is so worth your money if you’re desperately looking for an effective way to treat oily skin! Do ensure that when you buy this product, it is in the traditional mint flavour, and nothing else. This is extremely important guys.

This is a slightly obvious note, but do not try this is you already have dry skin, or if you have combination skin, at least not to the dry areas, as it can become quite flaky.

Would you have thought this could be used for your face? Do you use this daily? Thinking of trying it out after this blog post? Let me know!!


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