Standard height and weight chart for women

Women’s weight is always an issue that receives a lot of attention, but a number only shows how much a woman weighs but does not assess their general health and condition. Women’s weight and height both play an important role and keep a correlation with each other. The standard height and weight of women will be mentioned in this article.

Height and weight chart for women

The standard female height and weight table mentioned below can be used to assess a woman’s physical condition. The unit of weight in the table is the kilogram and the unit for height in the table is the centimeter.
Ideal weight & height chart for women

Height(cm)Weight (kg)
13728,5 – 34,9
14030,8 – 37,6
14232,6 – 39,9
14534,9 – 42,6
14736,4 – 44,9
15039,0 – 47,6
15240,8 – 49,9
15543,1 – 52,6
15744,9 – 54,9
16047,2 – 57,6
16349,0 – 59,9
16551,2 – 62,6
16853,0 – 64,8
17055,3 – 67,6
17357,1 – 69,8
17559,4 – 72,6
17861,2 – 74,8
18063,5 – 77,5
18365,3 – 79,8
18567,6 – 82,5
18869,4 – 84,8
19171,6 – 87,5
19373,5 – 89,8
19575,7 – 92,5
19877,5 – 94,8
20179,8 – 97,5
20381,6 – 99,8
20583,9 – 102,5
20885,7 – 104,8
21088,0 – 107,5
21389,8 – 109,7

This table is only suitable for people 18 years of age and older. Based on the standard height and weight table in women, the body condition of an adult woman can be classified as follows:

Underweight: There are many causes of being underweight and underweight. Your GP can help you learn more and give you help and advice. Each person should also learn more about themselves by reading information pages on nutrition for underweight women.

Relative weight: If you are within a reasonable weight range, you are at the right weight for your height. It is still important to maintain a balanced diet and physical activity in daily life to stay healthy. An adult woman should be active for at least 150 minutes a week. Learn more by reading about the benefits of exercise.

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Overweight, obese: this means that your current weight is greater than the healthy level corresponding to your height. Excess weight increases the risk of many different diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal disease. Overweight and obese women need to take action to not only protect their own health but also get back in shape, help themselves be more confident in work and life.

Today, there is a wealth of information and advice on the news channels that can help you design a weight loss plan, an exercise program, and an individualized diet. You can also talk to your GP or nurse before starting to lose weight. They can offer advice on lifestyle changes and can refer you to a weight-loss club or discuss other treatments.

You can also refer to the article ideal female body measurements chart to have a healthy and balanced body

Weight chart for women over 60

Based on CDC recommendations, the weight chart for women over 60 is 166.5 pounds

As of 2016, the average weights for women in different age groups were: (by CDC)

Age group (years)Average weight (pounds)
60 and older166.5

Measures to maintain women’s standard height and weight

Weight control of people over 60 is a very important issue. Weight deviation is a natural consequence of the modern lifestyle. Unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, and stress are the main causes of obesity. On the other hand, being overweight and obese can lead to a wide range of diseases and the risk of disease can be significantly reduced with the following measures:

Stick to a healthy diet: practice a healthy balanced diet and avoid consuming processed foods. Make sure you stick to good eating habits every day. Eat small meals throughout the day, keep feeling full for a long time instead of fasting to starve the body. Many effective diet plans are shared on nutrition information channels that you can access for free.

Have an active routine: Keep yourself healthy and energized throughout the day by following a daily physical activity routine that aligns with your work and personal schedule. Ideally, there is a balance between calories taken in and calories burned.

Get enough rest: keeping the spirit in a positive state, healthy mind by going to bed early, and getting up early is a simple but highly effective job. It keeps the biological clock in order and balances the secretion of hormones in the body. Adequate rest and good sleep are essential to getting the body ready to deal with any rigors.

Reduce stress: Modern life makes it difficult for people to avoid stress from work and life, especially for women. However, adult women are likely to find relief from stress when they follow healthy eating habits, lead an active lifestyle, and get a good night’s sleep. In addition, adult women will feel even more relaxed when they avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and drinking too much caffeine.

There are many ways to maintain a normal height and weight in women. Therefore, you should be persistent to follow the above measures to have the best shape and ensure good health.


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