How to Fix PhpMyAdmin Error Incorrect Format Parameter

PhpMyAdmin Error – incorrect format parameter might appear on multiple hosting platform like shared hosting, VPS, localhost or Dedicated Server. You may get incorrect format parameter if you trying to import a heavy MySQL database in MAMP, XAMPP on localhost or even on some shared hosting. Some VPS or Dedicated Hosting can show this error. This article will show you how to resolved problem and fix this phpMyAdmin Error.

What is the cause of this error?

phpMyAdmin Error incorrect format parameter might appear due to multiple reasons such as:

  • Execution of a script exceeding the defined maximum execution time on server.
  • Parsing of requested input data exceeds the defined maximum input parsing time.
  • Script needing operating memory higher than the one defined in memory limit.
  • Size of post data higher than the defined maximum post data size.
  • Size of the file being uploaded higher than the defined maximum file size.
phpMyAdmin Error incorrect format parameter

phpMyAdmin Error incorrect format parameter

Fix phpMyAdmin Error – Incorrect Format Parameter on localhost:

Find php.ini file and increase these value:

It depend on your mysql file and your configuration of server, but i can suggest these value as below:

Edit on MAMP php.ini

To be clearer, I have the same problem and try to find php.ini to edit. But it does not work, when i import mysql file via phpMyAdmin, i was getting this error: Incorrect Format Parameter. Then i found the cause: I were modifying the wrong php.ini!

Where does MAMP keep its php.ini?

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Depend on your version of PHP, there will be 2 php.ini files in MAMP (in this example is PHP 7.2.10):

The file you have to edit is in MAMP Pro and uses the php.ini file every time it starts up:
Edit File > Edit Templates > PHP 7.2.2 php.ini
Restart MAMP Pro
Your changes should stick.
Or you can go by:
MAMP-> bin-> php-> php(your php version)-> conf-> php.ini

If you are not sure where is php.ini, just create a phpinfo.php file at your localhost root. Put this <?php phpinfo() ?> with in it, run that from your browser. Look for the value Loaded Configuration File. This tells you which php.ini file PHP is using in the context of the web server.

Edit MAMP php.ini

Edit MAMP php.ini

Edit on Xampp php.ini

Let me show you how i solve it easily on my Xampp.

Step 1: Open Xampp control panel and click on apache config button and click on PHP (php.ini)

Fix phpMyAdmin Error - incorrect format parameter on localhost

Fix phpMyAdmin Error – incorrect format parameter by edit xampp php.ini file

Fix incorrect format parameter on localhost

Edit php.ini on XAMPP

Step 2: Then search below settings for easily import any database:

You can change the above settings as per your database size. then save the file.

Step 3: Now you have to restart the Apache and MySQL.

Step 4: Now you have to import your database SQL file under your database like (demo) and you see that your database will import correctly and error will be gone. so if you have more questions on this topic then comment us we will give you more solutions on it.

If the error still exists, open the xampp/phpmyadmin/libraries/config.default.php and disable the script execution time limit. Search for the phrase ExecTimeLimit as show below.

All you have to do is change the ExecTimeLimit value to 0 to get it disabled.

Fix Parameter Format Not Correct on Shared Hosting:

Solution 1:

if your hosting support change php value via htaccess file, you can easy fix this phpmyadmin error by increase below value by adding this code to htaccess file:

For Dreamhost Shared Hosting user, you can Change max upload size by:

Step 1: Create phprc file inside your user folder:

Edit that phprc file and put below content:

Save and kill all php process by login to server via ssh and run this command:

Remember to replace shelluser with your ssh username

Solution 2: Edit via Cpanel:


Fix Incorrect Format Parameter on VPS and Dedicated Server:

I have CentOS VPS on Vultr, running nginx, php-fpm, MariaDB 10 and all php addons. The first time i import my forum DB to phpMyAdmin, it show this error:

After searching, i found the solution: Open your php.ini on your VPS or Server, edit these value: upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, max_execution_time

It is suggested to increase the values of three variables in php.ini file. Change following in php.ini

Then restart the VPS or server.

This solved my issue.

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