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Top 22 Natural Aphrodisiacs: Spices, Aromas, Drinks

I love learning about the human body and how I can improve each function. Now I’m not saying that sex is the most important part of a relationship, but I really do enjoy it. I think having a significant other with an equal sex drive is very important, so here’s the list of my proven top 22 natural aphrodisiacs that work – and help to improve just that.

As time goes by in your relationship, you need to maintain and explore different ideas with sex. Experimenting is fun and can still be spontaneous, even if your relationship is not fresh anymore! Most men never seem to be too tired but between the career and the kids, we have a tendency to lose our desire to ‘bounce around’. Emmm…

Too tired, or too stressed out, our libido isn’t what it should be. When this happens, I think it it best to try to boost it naturally – instead of with pills or teas that may not have the amounts of natural aphrodisiacs necessary to see a positive and immediate effect.

Now I have to say, we all have a unique body chemistry, and certain things are more stimulating than others, but in the following, you’ll get a general idea of what you can consider a natural aphrodisiac, namely helping your sex drive (or your partner’s sex drive) to get into gear. So what I have put together here are some natural foods and herb suggestions to improve your sex life.

Besides the (obvious) aphrodisiac effects of each of the following, I listed some other benefits for each aphrodisiac.

Natural Aphrodisiacs / Aphrodisiac Food

  • Asparagus – Besides its aphrodisiac effect, it’s diuretic, stimulates the kidneys and purifies the blood.
  • Pineapple – The pineapple is a great natural stimulant. It is suggested to eat pineapple with chili powder, or to make a tropical pineapple fruit shake, and to mix it with honey and rum.
  • Pine Nuts – These nuts have high levels of protein which are necessary to increase hormone levels.
  • Pomegranate – The rind on this fruit is rich on tannins. It is also the favorite of Aphrodite.
  • Oysters – Oysters (like I have mentioned before) contain a high source of minerals that have a significant stimulating effect on the reproductive system. I wrote a post about oysters as natural aphrodisiacs here. Feeding your man five raw oysters is going to make a huge improvement on the longevity of his erection…
Oysters have been a reputed aphrodisiac at least since the Roman Empire

Oysters have been a reputed aphrodisiac at least since the Roman Empire

  • Squash Seeds – Now I would have to say it is your pumpkin seeds that you could roast and season yourself. Pumpkin seeds contain essential oils, protein and vitamin E.
  • Sweet Potato – This vegetable is also said to increase the female sex drive if eaten in large amounts. I truly prefer them over white potatoes.
  • Cocoa – Last but not least, Chocolate! I go crazy on chocolate and there is an ancient Aztec recipe for roasted ground chocolate beans dissolved in water with vanilla, cayenne pepper, matico pepper, pimento, cinnamon and squash seeds that was used to stimulate a woman’s sexual desires. (Maybe I’ll post this under aphrodisiac recipes on here if you want to know?) You can also sweeten it with honey. A bit of history here – Aztec prostitutes were paid with cocoa. It is rich in phenylethylamine.

Aphrodisiac Cooking and Aphrodisiac Drinks

  • Red Wine – Red wine is an antioxidant. It contains resveratrol which increases estrogen levels. Sip it slowly ladies, and play with the tip of the glass with your tongue.
  • Shelled Seafood – Shrimp and oysters are my favorite. There is just something about the “how” you eat a jumbo shrimp and suck down a shooter. Even sushi with Wasabi is stimulating!
  • Berries and Chocolate – You can use different berries (in reference, also read about the Blueberries anti aging effects) and either white or dark chocolate, but it is assumed that you get more of a sexual boost with the darker chocolate. Now I highly favor the chili chocolate myself. (No, not the chili con carne!)
  • Filet Mignon – A very high level of protein – and if you add a horseradish sauce, that gives you double treat in providing norepinephrines and dopamine.
  • Curry Chicken – Curry has a hot taste, and heats up your body. Maybe a physiological effect, but it does work.
The secret aphrodisiacs found in filet mignon

The secret aphrodisiacs found in filet mignon

Aphrodisiac Spices

  • Basil – Contains essential oils, tannins and vitamins.
  • Celery Root or Seed – This has been called several things and we are still trying to figure out exactly what it is called in Europe. It’s also called celery fruit. If you are from Europe, please help out in the comments! This spice has iron, calcium, magnesium, Sulphur, phosphorus and essential oils.
  • Ginger – Increases blood circulation to the extremities. Now I don’t really need to explain that.
  • Garlic – Yes sorry but it has a value; although it may have a repulsive effect as in odor and taste of your partner – it does enhance desire.
  • Ginseng – Great for fertility, and it is considered one of the best natural aphrodisiac spices to maintain a woman’s libido, and to strengthen the orgasm.
  • Cayenne – Contains a lot of vitamin E and dilates blood vessels. This is another excellent choice for men.
Ginger and Garlic are Natural Aphrodisiacs Spices

Ginger and Garlic are Natural Aphrodisiacs Spices

Aphrodisiac Aromas

  • Roses – The floral scent is arousing to women. You didn’t know that did you.
  • Musk – more of a manly scent, it has a great effect on us girls.
  • Truffles – The earthy smell is a natural enhancer, thus counts as a natural aphrodisiac.

How To Really Turn Him On

Vanilla – Works more as a relaxer, and works more aggressively on men than on women (it has to do with the part of the brain that controls emotions – relating to memories of nurturing and stability -, which already is on high alert for us girls). So if you want an evening where you take control, try it and see how it works on him. An idea – scented massage oils are great and you can always steam it up by making your own edible body paint or massage oils.

I think the fragrances that stimulate our arousal are also individual, meaning they may apply more to you than to your friends, or the other way around. With me, it is a fresh bouquet of heather, my fiance’s cologne, and German chocolate; or actually any good chocolate. And, of course, the smell of the air after a warm rain, and as the sun rises and rings in the start of a new day. That alone is a natural aphrodisiac for me.

What aroma turns you on?


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