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Misconceptions that make your leather goods spoil quickly

Misconceptions about leather goods

Leather goods are items that contribute to complete the luxurious look and express the aesthetic “gut” of each person. They are durable, but they are not easy items. If understood and know how to use, your leather goods can become more and more beautiful for decades or even more. On the contrary, if used incorrectly, even a high-value product can be easily damaged or degraded in a short time.

Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes when using leather goods:

Stuffing things too tight, pressing/compressing

One of the properties that all imitation leather materials, no matter how well developed, cannot be achieved is elasticity.

However, not because of that, we think that it is possible to tuck and padded beyond the tolerance of a leather bag/wallet and then it will quickly become elastic again.
The elasticity of the skin ensures that the surface and structure of the skin can recover from moderate damage/impact. As for the cases of deliberately stuffing things beyond the product’s recommended level or pressing/compressing the product under large volumes and for a long time – we are allowed to call it “abuse”. This use will cause the skin structure to be damaged, the recovery time is not enough, and it will continue to be inserted leading to deformation, completely changing the original shape and design.

The advice is to note the functional limits of each product and only use within that limit, do not press / compress with heavy objects, do not stretch / stretch continuously by force.

Think “Leather is expensive and durable, so feel free to touch water”

The answer is definitely “No”. Genuine leather is a water-repellent material. Water, moisture, too much sweat, etc. will cause damage to the skin, reducing the life and beauty of the skin’s surface.

In case your leather item is unfortunately wet or soaked in water. Make sure you never dry it in the sun or dry it. This will make your beloved leather item deteriorate faster and cannot be improved due to dryness to the point of cracking and disfiguring the leather.

If it is slightly damp, you can crumple some paper to fill the inner compartments and then let the product dry naturally at room temperature. It will be better if you have a desiccant bag. And be patient! Leather will stay with you for a long time, so don’t push it too hard.

Carelessly put the leather bag/wallet on the floor/ground

The floor, the ground is a place with high humidity and it is easy for your leather products to be wet, dirty and frayed, scratched. You can assume that a few hours a day and intermittently is okay. But, believe me, the reality is that this is not good for leather goods. And until you realize your wallet has been affected by it, it’s usually nearly impossible to restore it to its original state.

In addition, according to people who have studied and believed in the Law of Feng Shui, leaving your bag/wallet on the floor is not good for your fortune at all.

Avoid contact with dirt, chemicals, paints

Do you know the “enemies” of the skin but are very close to us, always in every house? You’re right! It’s a ballpoint pen and perfume. If you accidentally swipe a ballpoint pen on your skin, there’s a 95% chance you won’t be able to wipe it off.

As for perfume, in addition to moisture for the wallet, the main ingredient of perfume is alcohol, which will make the structure of the skin damage faster and heavier than water. Not to mention the coloring ingredients of perfumes are also counted as chemicals that change skin color and cannot be wiped off.

Good Heat Resistant Leather or Non Burning Leather

Correct! Leather is more heat resistant than other imitation leather materials. But “burnt skin does not burn” is a completely wrong mindset. Depending on the type of leather, there will be different degrees of heat resistance.

The advice is that although the leather is relatively heat resistant. But it can completely deform, shrink, … when exposed to high heat sources. This is also the reason that in Section 1, we advise each other to let leather goods dry naturally at room temperature, not in the sun or heat.

Basically, above are 5 misconceptions about leather goods that we often make. In fact, genuine leather is a very broad industry. No one can boast that they know everything about skin. But through the above information, we hope to have explained and helped you avoid unnecessary confusion.


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