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What is the average forehead size & How to Know If You Have A Big Forehead?

Have you ever wondered what the average forehead size is & how to know if you have a big forehead? If you’re looking to find out whether you have a large forehead, it is important to know that foreheads come with various designs. A lot of people confuse an overly large forehead with one that is uneven or rectangular.

Typical forehead shapes

There are five standard forehead shapes.

  • M-shaped
  • Round
  • Bell-shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Triangular

If you have an oval-shaped forehead the top of their heads will appear like an equilateral triangle. It is the third most popular shape for males (31 percent) and second among women (28 percent).

A-shaped heads are closely linked to the widow’s peak, which is a triangle of hair that emerges from your hairline and extends into your forehead.

The widow’s peak is an M-shape in the hairline and your forehead.

This is the most commonly used shape for males (46 percent) and the third most popular for women (19 19%).

The rectangular foreheads are simple to explain but could appear more square if someone has a small face.

A little over 31% of males have foreheads that are rectangular, and 30 percent of women have these.

The bell-shape looks like a round-faced forehead, however, it is more than ovulated.

It is not the most common among women (5 5 %)) and second-lowest among males (4 4 %)).

In the end, the triangular face includes both sides of the forehead that slope towards the back.

About 2% of males have triangular foreheads, while 18.9% of females also have these.

Average Forehead Size

Average Forehead Size

The average size isn’t the most reliable method to determine whether your forehead is too large.

But knowing the typical forehead size for males and females can assist you in making your decision.


There was a median size on male heads is 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) with the standard variation from 0.4 inches.

The median length of the forehead was 5.4 inches (13.7 centimeters) with an average variation in the range of 0.7 inches.

This means that if your forehead is between 2 and 2.8 inches in length as well as 4.7 up to 6.1 inches wide the size is standard for a forehead.

GenderForehead ShapePercentage of people who have this form


The average height of the female head was 2.3 inches (5.8 cm) with the standard deviation being 0.3 inches. The median size of the foreheads was 5.1 inches (12.9 cm) with an average variance of 0.7 inches.

Women who have a forehead height between 2 and 2.6 inches and a wide range between 4.4 up to 5.8 inches have foreheads that are standard size.

The study showed that most people with the following percentages have the following types of foreheads:

GenderForehead ShapePercentage of people who have this form

The above information that males have more hairlines with a shape like an M than females. The more triangular-shaped foreheads have accounted for the differences in proportions.

Males are more likely to have a forehead that is M-shaped as well as a rectangular or round hairline. Some males have a triangular or bell-shaped forehead.

On the other hand, women are much more likely to have round or rectangular foreheads, which are closely followed by M-shaped and triangular hairlines. Women are least likely to have hairlines that resemble bells.

How to Know If You Have A Big Forehead

How to Know If You Have A Big Forehead?

Once you have a better understanding of the different shapes of your forehead then you can examine your face. Determine your forehead’s shape according to the information above to be aware of where to take your measurements.

It’s a mistake to simply search for averages of forehead sizes and make comparisons. A majority of them don’t mention where to take the measurements and don’t take into account various forms.

If you are taller than the average person, however, it may be due to rectangular shapes instead of round shapes. Always measure your forehead using its widest and longest lengths to obtain the most precise measurements.

The broadest part of your face should be a distance equal to the hairline and your eyebrows.

When you are measuring your forehead’s width, why don’t you find out your face’s shape? The shape of your face is another important element to determine if you’re forehead is more than normal.

Face Shape and Foreheads

The seven different facial forms have distinct effects on the size of your forehead. You can identify your facial shape by taking measurements like the following:

  • forehead width
  • cheekbone length
  • Jawline width
  • face length

When you’ve identified the face shape you have then you’ll be able to determine if your face fits the mold.

For oval-shaped faces, they’ll typically have smaller, round foreheads. Shapes that are round will have larger foreheads, that are the widest over the eyes.

For face shapes with hearts is more common to have a square forehead. For square faces, there are several faces with an M-shaped forehead.

The options are endless and understanding your face’s form and how it compares to other faces with similar shapes is the most effective method of determining the size of your forehead.

Beard Styles That Look Great with Large Foreheads

If you have a large forehead, choosing the perfect haircut and beard style can be a challenge. You’d like to appear less imposing, however, don’t be concerned you can find a variety of methods to create the perfect illusion, and reduce or conceal this massive face characteristic.

Many men suffer from widow’s peak or receding hairlines that increase the area. This will not make it any much easier.

How can you counterbalance a big Forehead Beard?

People with big foreheads generally have heart-shaped faces. It is reflected in smaller jawbones and cheekbones. which is a rare feature among males.

For this type of face, it is necessary to have hairstyles that provide balance in the lower area of your face. Making your jawline more prominent is a major goal since in this way you’ll add some appearance of squareness.

The styles of Garibaldi, Verdi, or Hollywoodian beards will suit you. This is why you should keep your beard short, particularly in the area of sideburns.

Another option for making your forehead appear smaller is to mix the beards’ hairstyles that cover the forehead in symmetrical bangs.

Should you be already sporting some length on the chin, you may want to keep the sideburns longer. Do not overpower your cheeks by wearing a Van Dyke or goatee as it can only emphasize the chin, and draw attention to the larger forehead.

How to cover a big forehead with hair and makeup

It’s all about creating an optical illusion to make a large forehead seem smaller. Either draw attention to the area with accessories and hair or use makeup magic to subtly trim it. These are the makeup and hair tricks that we learned from Chloe’s video.

Do not apply foundation to your hairline.

This will create the illusion that your forehead ends are lower by giving your hairline a natural shadow.

Lower your hairline.

Baby hairs can make your top look wider. Fill in the gaps with a root powder. An eyeshadow that matches your hair color will also work. Reduce your hairline to cover some of the space on your forehead.


For effortlessly slimming any area of your face, contouring is a godsend. For a five-headed look, use contour shades or bronzer to sweep around the outer edges. This will create a shadow effect that will push it lower.

Move your eyebrows higher.

Do you love a strong brow? An arch higher or thicker will raise your face, and instantly create the illusion of more forehead space.

Brighten your lips.

This tip has two benefits. The first is that the lipstick will draw attention away from your five-head and direct all eyes towards your lips. It will also balance your features by adding volume to the bottom half of your face.

Add some style to your outfit with large earrings or a bandana.

Accessorizing is another way to distract attention. Chloe says that big earrings are a great way to distract attention. To hide extra space, you can also wear a bandana.

Your hair should be longer at the back.

Chloe recommends that you add more volume to your top and back hairs so that your forehead appears wider.

Relax your jaw.

A quick tip for a short jaw is to relax it. This will balance the space between your forehead and chin.

Keep your forehead smooth.

Focus your glow on the other parts of your face, such as your cheekbones or your chin.

Layers of fringe or face-framing are a good idea.

To save time and effort, consider getting a haircut that will hide your forehead permanently. If you prefer a more subtle approach to this, bobs are the best option. However, if you’re looking for a more effective look, consider short layers that frame your sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of a female forehead?

The average height of female foreheads was 2.5 inches (5.8cm) with an error margin of 0.3 inches.

The average width was 5.1 inches (12.9cm) with a standard deviation of 0.7 inches.

Standard-sized foreheads are for women with a forehead height of 2 to 2.6 inches, and a width between 4.4 and 5.8 inches.

What is the difference between forehead and finger lengths?

For a rough idea of the size of your forehead, measure your fingers. However, this measurement doesn't account for differences in the sizes of people's fingers.

Some people have very thick fingers and others have smaller fingers. It is not an accurate way to gauge if you have large foreheads. It is possible to get a better estimate by looking at how large people's fingers are.

forehead and finger lengths

Based on a National Health Survey, a person's average handbreadth is 3.5 inches (8.9cm for men) and 3.1 inches (7.8cm for women). Males and females have an average forehead width of four fingers. A more precise benchmark than fingers is hand size.

The article provides measurements that can be used to determine the size of your forehead. To get a rough estimate, the width for a male forehead should equal approximately 80% of your entire hand, plus the thumb.

Measure it from your thumb to your little fingers, measuring crosswise. Anything greater than that is over one standard deviation. It is about 70% of all people's forehead lengths.

This is the same for women. Your average forehead size should be about 80% in width.

Is a large forehead considered attractive?

Large foreheads are a neotenous feature (juvenile), and they are considered attractive to women.

Artist Rihanna and Tyra Banks, a supermodel with large foreheads, are two examples of women who are particularly attractive. Men prefer smaller foreheads.

Sirinturk et al. (2017) found that the forehead shape indicated whether a person is more masculine- or feminine. Women prefer men who are more masculine, while men prefer women who are more feminine.

Round forehead shapes were more feminine than those with M-shaped or rectangular foreheads.

Other factors may influence how attractive or not attractive someone is. These include the proportions of different facial parts and the relative sizes of facial features.

Neotony in men is undesirable so a smaller ratio of face to the cranial vault is recommended. Male foreheads should be narrower and more slanted. See the Looks Theory episodes on Male Skulls and Female Skulls for more information about sexual dimorphism.

How can I change my forehead size?

Genetics are largely responsible for the size of your forehead. You can reduce the size of your forehead by altering the style of your hair. Your forehead will appear wider if your hair is pulled down in a tight ponytail.

If you plan to tie your hair, it is best to let your hair down loosely. It might not be practical to tie your hair up if you are involved in vigorous activities or sports.

You can also grow your bangs out and let them fall naturally on top of your forehead.

Because it camouflages the hairline, this will alter how large your forehead appears. Your forehead will not be defined.

Avoid an oily, shiny forehead. This will draw attention to your forehead more than normal and make it stand out.

A balanced skin should be achieved through adequate water intake, proper nutrition, and the use of appropriate makeup.

Many hairstyles can be used to reduce the size of your forehead. These are:

  • Straight bangs and a bob cut
  • Long deep side bangs
  • A loose fringe is one example.
Ask your barber/hairdresser for more information. They should be able to work with you to create a balanced haircut that suits your face.

What is the average male forehead size?

Men's foreheads averaged 61.4 +-9.7 mm in height, while the forehead width and supraorbital area averaged 137.1 +-18 mm and 133.9 +-15.9 mm, respectively.

What are the characteristics of people with a narrow forehead?

People with narrow foreheads can be extremely emotional. When making decisions, they rely more heavily on intuitions and instincts than logic. They tend to avoid attention and crowds, so they are often called loners.

How do you manifest a smaller forehead?

You can use the Law of Attraction to make your forehead smaller. Your resistance to it all boils down to how strong you are.

Your forehead will take on a new shape if you are willing to let go of negative thoughts and start thinking positive thoughts.

Why do I have little hairs on my forehead?

You'll find tiny hairs if you look at the areas of your body that seem hairless, such as your forehead or ear lobe. These hairs are also known as baby hair or peach fuzz. They regulate body temperature and help to evaporate sweat from the body.

What is the perfect forehead size?

The perfect forehead size for men is 2.8 inches (or 7.1 centimeters). While the perfect forehead size for women is 2.4 inches (5.8 cm) with a standard deviation of about 0.6 cm.

What does having a big forehead mean?

The forehead with a large space between the top and the eyebrows is known as a high forehead. A high forehead is thought to indicate intelligence and deep thinking. They have high hopes for their lives. They are generally active in academics or professions that require deep thought.

Is it good to have big forehead?

Some people wish they had more facial symmetry. Many men love big foreheads, provided they can manage it well and are confident. High foreheads were a sign that you were beautiful in the early modern era. Women used to pluck hair from their foreheads to make them appear higher.

Does a big forehead mean intelligence?

This characteristic has been regarded as a sign that a person is more intelligent than others in different cultures throughout history. Forehead A person who has a broad forehead will be generous, intelligent, and wise. If it is too short, it means he will likely die young and be poor.

Does bigger forehead mean bigger brain?

Scientists have shown that larger brains correlate with higher intelligence. However, size alone is not the cause. People often say that your intelligence level is not affected by the size of your brain. Yes, on average, intelligent people tend to have larger heads.

What size forehead is considered big?

A normal-sized forehead measures approximately four fingers across between the hairline and the brows. A larger forehead is defined as one that measures more than four fingers between the brows and hairline.

Which type of forehead is attractive?

A perfect forehead is one that doesn't have any curves or lumps. The male sex hormones can lead to an over-development in the eyebrow bone, which causes the sinking of the forehead. The shadows are visible on both the sides and mid-forehead.

Are big noses a sign of intelligence?

High-intelligence faces have a longer face, with a wider distance between the eyes and a bigger nose. They also have a more pointed, sharper, and less rounded chin. Our research found no correlation between intelligence and attractiveness or facial shape.


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